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Set yourself up with these love tips

Ivy and Richard Slevin
SUCCESS STORY: Ivy Slevin met her husband Richard through Shapiro.


SUSAN Shapiro is an old-fashioned kind of gal.

After being successfully set up with Aaron, now her husband of 10 years, she wants her friends to find true love, too. But the New Yorker doesn't recommend cyber-dating, speed-dating or bar-hopping - just old-world matchmaking. The author of "Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic: How to Meet & Marry Your Match," whose fix-ups have resulted in 12 marriages, talks to Page Six Magazine about love.

What's wrong with Internet dating?

When you're doing cyberspace dating, you're sitting alone in your apartment in sweats and having fantasies with strangers who could be lying to you. It's the opposite of intimacy. You're basically masturbating.

What traits should a "love mentor" have?

The two people I asked to help me were smart and nurturing women. Not only did they understand, they told me the truth.

You don't believe in love at first sight.

We have this stupid Hollywood bulls--- mythology that you're gonna see him across the room and be swept off your feet. Get rid of that right now. Everything good in life takes a long time. Real people are imperfect. It takes a lot of time to grow together.

You make dating sound like finding a job.

When people go for job interviews, they instinctively know how to do things right - how to dress, know when to keep their mouth shut and how to act. No one goes on the job interview and says, "I had three abortions," or goes unshaven, smokes, drinks seven beers and trashes their ex. People let it all hang it out, saying, "This is who I am." Who you are is also single and lonely and you've had 10 bad relationships, so let's not be who you are. Rein yourself in.

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