new moon record cover, larry talks about new moon, & autumn de wilde book!

thank you so much to maggie for sending us the final album cover for the upcoming elliott smith record, new moon! :) the cover was created by mike king, who is a desinger and poster artist from portland, or and who has done a lot of wonderful work. mike also created the artwork for one of elliott's shows at the crystal ballroom on june 3, 2000. here is a link to the poster he created. if you are interested in checking out more of his work, please go to: crashamerica.com. the album cover along with the music from new moon is coming out on may 8, 2007! so far, the record is not available for pre-orders just yet, but the minute we hear that they are through krs or any other outlets, we promise to let you know! if you want to see a larger image of the record cover, please click on the image. (please click this link for a high resolution copy of the album cover)

thanks to timothyedward from sweet addy for posting info from the latest issue of tape op (jan/feb 2007) about the work larry crane did on a specific song that will be featured on new moon and generally speaking about bring new moon together. this info comes up in a review larry did about the beatles' love record. the mention about the work larry did is pretty insightful and timothyedward was kind enough to post it on sweet addy. if you would like more info about the wonderful recording magazine larry publishes, please go to tapeop.com. anyway, here is what larry said:

"the beatles love this cd brings up an interesting thought: how much messing around with an artist's back catalouge and master tapes is ethical? i recently started working with the estate of elliott smith, researching and archiving my late friend's music for his family and for the future. one of the first jobs entailed working with kill rock stars and the estate on a collection of mostly unreleased material. i researched what tracks might be out there, dug through the reels to find unreleased masters, and then transfered tracks into protools and did the mixes. one song which consisted of double tracked vocals and an acoustic guitar, i found that the guitar track had a prominent scraping flange sound all through it--see "last hour" on elliott's basement on the hill album which is on the same reel-- i tried mixing it and was unhappy with the flange noise, and then i remembered that i'd found a take of the same song on another reel, yet with no vocals. so i flew the tracks together, matching the instrumental take with the acoustic guitar track where the vocals were instead of just flying the vocals on top of the other take in order to keep the vocal phrasing dead on. over eight hours later i had something that worked pretty good. thankfully he had used the same arrangement and key. the tempo is just a little off, so i used a time compression program to get it closer. so i made it work but was it okay to do this? we made sure that the liner notes were clear on what had been done to this track and noted that the rest of the album wasn't created this way. i felt that in this rare case of having a flawed guitar track and perfectly fleshed out instrumental take that showcased elliott's arangement skills, the option was laid out in front of me what should be done."

thanks to molly for alerting us to a listing on amazon.com about the upcoming photo book by autumn de wilde! it looks like the photo book will be simply called 'elliott smith' and that chronicle books is publishing the book. the date listed for release is september 1, 2007 (which can change at anytime) and the listing does not include a photo of book's cover yet. jen, a representive & friend of autumn's, was kind enough confirm that it is for real and she said that more details are coming and would let us know. thanks to jen too! if you are interested in checking out the listing and pre-ordering the book, please go to amazon.com! you can also check out autumn's pictures at autumndewilde.com. (2.17.07)

new moon

happy valentine's day everyone! we are so happy to help announce the release of the upcoming double cd of elliott's music, new moon :) elliott's family and kill rock stars were nice enough to send us the press release about the upcoming record and a previously unreleased photo of elliott to share. thank you to them for releasing more of elliott's music! :) as you will read, the 2 disc record is coming out on may 8th of this year and features 24 of elliott's songs (below is the tracklist) from the time he worked with kill rock stars. so here is the press release and picture that elliott's family and kill rock stars were nice enough to share:

On May 8, 2007, Kill Rock Stars will release a double CD of music by Elliott Smith entitled New Moon. The album contains 24 songs recorded 1994-1997, a prolific time in Smith's career, when he recorded his self-titled album and Either/Or (both also released by Kill Rock Stars).

Arguably the most gifted song-writer of his generation, Elliott Smith produced a large body of work that includes five solo albums, as well as From a Basement on the Hill (2004), a collection of songs completed before his death in 2003. Like his other work, New Moon reflects the power of Smith's ability to integrate rich, melodic music with poetic, multi-layered lyrics.

The final mixing for the double cd was done by Larry Crane, who is the archivist for the estate of Elliott Smith A significant portion of proceeds from the album sales will go directly to Outside In, a Portland-based social service organization dedicated to providing diverse services for homeless youth and low-income adults.

Elliott Smith died October 21, 2003, in his home in Los Angeles. To date the coroner has been unable to determine the cause of death, and the investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department remains open.

(Kill Rock Stars)
Release date: May 8, 2007

Disc 1

Angel In The Snow
Talking To Mary
High Times
New Monkey
Looking Over My Shoulder
Going Nowhere
Riot Coming
All Cleaned Out
First Timer
Go By
Miss Misery (early version)

Disc 2

Georgia Georgia
Whatever (Folk Song in C)
Big Decision
New Disaster
Seen How Things Are Hard
Fear City
Pretty Mary K (other version)
Almost Over
See You Later
Half Right

please click on image for a larger view :)

at this time, no album cover has been released but if we are lucky to get a copy of the image, we will post it as soon as possible. new moon is also a double lp and it will be on domino records in europe. it will be on krs everywhere else in the world. but a big thank you to everyone involved for releasing more of elliott's beautiful music. thanks to elliott's family, maggie, slim and everyone at krs, larry crane, friends & loved ones, everyone we don't know about, and fans (neil, patrick and philip). i hope you all go out and pick up new moon on may 8th. not only to rock but to be a part in helping out a wonderful organization, outside in. i hope this news makes your day bright! xo (2.14.07)

frontier releases heatmiser's yellow no.5 on 10" lp, the jon brion show and abused!

thank you to betty from frontier for sending this awesome news that they just released heatmiser's yellow no. 5 on 10" vinyl for the first time ever! here is betty with more info: "we've just released a new 10" version of heatmiser's yellow no 5 on yellow wax (previously available on cd only)...the street date for stores is january 9th, but it's also available from the frontier site for $10 including postage (u.s. only) (frontierrecords.com)." this first run of the 10"s are limited editions so it's best to get them before they are gone! just in case you do not know, heatmiser was the band elliott was in before going solo and yellow no.5 was a 5 song ep that was released between heatmiser's dead air and cop and speeder records (frontier released those records too!) :). anyway i encoruage you all to get the record before they are gone! please go to frontier records to order the 10" yellow no.5 record and to order the other great heatmiser records frontier released too! thanks frontier!

the year is already getting better, because jeff from a jon brion resource & the definitive p.t. anderson resource was kind enough to share a link to one of the rarest tv pilots around, the jon brion show! jon brion shot this pilot back in 1999 for vh1 and it includes jon performing with friends in a largo type of setting like jon usually does at largo. well, elliott was one of the performers featured in the pilot and the pilot includes 2 scenes. one short moment with jon and elliott trying to work out a version of say yes and a performance of elliott doing 'see you later!' it is the whole pilot and it also includes other great performances. here is the link: http://www.fairfax-avenue.com/index.php?id=2006/12/27. thanks again to jeff for letting us know and sharing it!

thank you to john for sharing on sweet addy that elliott's unreleased song, 'abused' was recently a part of q magazine's top 500 greatest lost tracks coming in at # 336. they included a picture of elliott with the mention too!

finally, i wanted to wish everyone a happy 2007. it looks really great so far and it's going to get better! xo (1.2.07)

rilo kiley tee for the elliott smith memorial fund and new search feature

thank you to casey for letting us know that yellow bird project (www.yellowbirdproject.com) recently added a t-shirt design that rilo kiley (the wonderful band and friends of elliott) contributed to ybp and rilo kiley have chosen to direct their funds made from the shirt to the elliott smith memorial fund! yellow bird project is a non-profit initiative that collaborates with musicians to raise money for various charities through t-shirt sales. the shirt is on sale now and if you are interested in buying (or checking out) the shirt and help in supporting both ybp and the elliott smith memorial fund, please go to the rilo kiley charity t-shirt page. if you would like to know more yellow bird project and other artists who are helping other wonderful charities, please go here: yellowbirdproject.com. thanks to ybp and rilo kiley for doing this!

finally, i just wanted to let everyone know that the search feature has returned! thanks to michael for suggesting we use google search. you can now search the site using keywords related to elliott! hopefully it will help you find stuff on the site easier! the search bar is on the right below the official elliott smith store animated link. also, please check out the updates page. i've been on a good role about adding some stuff the site lately. i hope to keep it up :) (11.20.06)

new elliott print up for auction and figure 8 is top 66 at drowned in sound

a couple of days ago i was checking out ebay and i saw that wendy lynch was nice enough to offer another wonderful print of elliott from her photo session she did with him in 2003 and was featured in elliott's last interview with under the radar. wendy has the print up for auction and has offered to give 10% of what she sells the print for to outside in! this is the second print (the first one was a different photo) to show up on ebay and they are pretty rare to have! if you are interested in bidding (or checking it out) on the print and help out outside in, please go here to bid on the print right now! the auction ends november 20th at 5:00 pm pacific standard time and thanks again to wendy for donating a portion to it to outside in and giving us a chance to own a print!

finally, i am sorry, i am a little late on this news but thanks to lee for letting us know that elliott's record, figure 8 made #6 on drowned in sound's top 66 of the last 6 years! drowned in sound wrote something really nice about the record and if you would like to see what they said, please go here: http://www.drownedinsound.com/articles/1254995 (11.17.06)

thinking of elliott and another radio tribute set for sunday!

every year it is never easy to see this date coming because this day wasn't a good one 3 years ago for many of us who loved elliott and his music :( the thing is that a lot of you have turned it around and made it a better day. i've been reading a lot of positive memories and thoughts related to elliott on sweet addy, livejournals, myspaces and even the messages in the guestbook for this site. also by simply taking a moment to think of him to being a part of a tribute show to elliott is really nice and brings something really good to this day. thank you all for doing that. it really does make a big difference in how we feel about this day because it gives something look forward it a positive light but it's not just this day. it's everyday so thank you for the other days you think of elliott too. i wish you all a good day especially elliott's family and loved ones. if you are lucky enough to attend some sort of tribute, i hope it's a wonderful time. thanks to everyone again who are taking the time to do the tributes whatever days they are :). xo

thanks to jillian for sending us this info about a radio tribute out of harrisonburg, va. here is all the info we got:

i have a prog/free form show at james madison university on wxjm sundays 10-noon. on which, this sunday (october 22) i'm having "an informal elliott smith tribute" in addition to playing all elliott or covers of elliottsongs i'm raking up qoutes and info from sweetadeline.net - mostly looking for stuff elliott has said -- i'll also be announcing info about the esmf and that sort of thing...i dont really have a formal show description, but basically its a chick that digs elliott offering up a sighing 2-hour elliott mix tape complete with commentary and qoutes from the man himself, covers of his songs, his covers of other songs, as well as some early morning typical radio stuff. it may not be the most quitessential elliott smith tribute programme, but a smile and nod to his art and friendly a radio-wave hello to him where e'er he may be now. info about the station is here http://www.wxjmradio.com if folks are in the area, they can tune in to 88.7 fm and it can all be streamed online at the following places:

extra high quality: aac+ v2 128kbps stream (will not work in itunes) use winamp instead

regular stream: 96kbps mp3 stream

low quality streams: 40kbps mono mp3

thanks jillian for doing this! (10.21.06)