Reading the Nafovanny company brochure makes its farms sounds like heaven on earth for the thousands of macaques that are lucky enough to call them home. But the reality, sadly, couldn’t be more different. Our Monkey Business investigation revealed what can only be described as a factory farm for monkeys.

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Some of the worst conditions were found at one of the two smaller secret breeding farms that keep the bigger farms stocked with primates. As far as we know, the UK Government does not even know that these farms exist. Certainly they are not mentioned anywhere in Nafovanny’s corporate brochure.

The BUAV supplied its video, photographic and report evidence to a primate expert, Dr Stephen Brend, the Senior Conservation Officer at the Orang-Utan Foundation, for an independent view of the shocking conditions at Nafovanny’s main and satellite farms. He says: “the whole feel is of an intensive ‘farm’ which, as with battery chicken farming, is designed with the quantity of output given priority over quality and thus welfare”.

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Breaching Standards

When accepting Nafovanny as an importer of primates, the UK Government required it to sign up to minimum standards within guidelines from the International Primatological Society (IPS) These are a series of recommendations as to how captive primates should be housed and treated. But time and again, Nafovanny breached these guidelines, as our evidence shows (see above).

We believe that the UK Government is completely unaware of the existence of Nafovanny's smaller, satellite farms, at which we found some of the worst conditions. We hope that this investigation will force them to take tough action against the company. But farms such as Nafovanny are simply the start of a lifetime of suffering, which is simply unavoidable when such intelligent, sensitive and social creatures are treated as disposable, caged tools for research. Primate experiments are morally unjustifiable and must stop.

That's why the BUAV's Next of Kin campaign is calling for a complete ban on all primate experiments, immediately.

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