Official 'Halloween' Casting Breakdown, Synopsis!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
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Major spoilers ahead, BE WARNED: Today we've scored a look at the casting breakdown for Rob Zombie's Halloween, which is set to begin shooting on January 29, 2007! Inside you'll find not only a basic synopsis but a full list of the characters and their roles in the film, which hits theaters August 31, 2007. But before anyone freaks out... we were kind enough to edit it down and remove who Michael Myers kills in the film. So if you don't want to know anything it's time to ignore this post and move on - no one is forcing you to read it. Read on for the skinny and don't forget spoilers follow.

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Start Date: Approximately January 29, 2007

STORY LINE: After being committed for 17 years, Michael Myers, now a grown man and still very dangerous, is mistakenly released from the mental institution (where he was committed as a 10 year old) and he immediately returns to Haddonfield, where he wants to find his baby sister, Laurie. Anyone who crosses his path is in mortal danger.

[MICHAEL MYERS (10 YEARS OLD)] Caucasian, 8-12 years old, to play 10. Stringy haired, awkward kid, you get a sense that something is off just by looking at him. He has a very unstable mental state. He enjoys torturing/killing animals and then people. He hates his teenage sister, his stripper mother, and her abusive boyfriend Ronnie. He is, however, protective and very attached to his baby sister, who he calls Boo. This is very disturbing material that we need a very capable young actor for.

[LAURIE STRODE] Emancipated or legal 18 to play 17, Caucasian female. Pretty in an unassuming, natural way, this is Michael Meyer's baby sister. She is a normal, real, smart good girl, who is very responsible and caring. The second Michael sees her, he knows. Once he finds her, he will not let go, and Laurie has a strange feeling all day that someone is watching her...An actress who is riveting to watch.

[ANNIE BRACKETT] Emancipated or legal 18 to play 18, Caucasian, female. PARTIAL NUDITY REQUIRED FOR THIS ROLE. She is LAURIE'S best friend, cute, and curly-haired, full of teen enthusiasm and charm. Borderline bad girl (she rebels, but in a sweet way).

[LYNDA] Emancipated or legal 18 to play 18, Caucasian, female. FULL NUDITY WILL BE REQUIRED for this role. She looks like the hot cheerleader type, but has a bad attitude to go with it. She is the girl that convinced you to smoke cigarettes, smoke weed, steal your parents' car and taught you how to French kiss by making out with your older brother. She is all about opportunity.

[TOMMY DOYLE] 7-12 to play 8 years old, any ethnicity, a cute little boy who talks too much and whose babysitter is LAURIE. He is a mop top of a boy who asks lots of questions, and is filled with fear on Halloween. He believes in the boogey man and the wolf man, and sees Michael Meyers before anyone else does.

[JUDITH MYERS] Emancipated or legal 18 to play 16 years old, Caucasian, female. FULL NUDITY REQUIRED FOR THIS ROLE. A celebration of the Trailer trash slut. She dresses inappropriately for her age, and uses her sexuality for mass effect. She flirts with Ronnie even though he is her mom's boyfriend. She and Michael are not close, they fight a lot and she walks in on him while he is masturbating to his photo album of past pet kills. Her response? She calls him a pervert. In no way will this girl ever be a model citizen.

[WESLEY RHOADES] 14-16 years old to play 14, School-bully #1, ugly, acne-scarred. Teases Michael about his mom's profession.

[SHANE WILLIAMS] 14-16 years old, WESLEY'S sidekick, overweight, red headed. Also a bully. He tells Michael that he'd like to get physical with his mom, Deborah. He is Wesley's yes man.

[LOU MARTINI] 51 years old, large sloth of a man, bartender at the strip joint. Cares about business, and is not concerned with Deborah's troubled personal life.

[PRINCIPAL ERICS] 47 years old, thin, nervous, stiff guy who stutters when nervous. He's the Principal at Michael's school. Michael frightens him.

[ASST. PRINCIPAL JANSEN] 45 years old, attractive, older woman. School administrator.

[STEVE] 16 years old, big mess of curly hair, "string-bean" body. JUDITH'S boyfriend. He has sex with JUDITH and then brags about it. He is a life like skinny stoner character.

[FEMALE NEWS REPORTER #1] Describes the murders taking place. Real television reporting experience a plus.

[REPORTER #2] Describes the murders taking place. Real television reporting experience a plus.


[MORGAN WALKER] 54 years old. Sanitarium's Head of Operations. Rail-thin man in a dark gray suit. He is responsible for MICHAEL'S escape. WE ARE LOOKING FOR A STRONG CAMEO APPEARANCE HERE - STAR NAMES ONLY

[DR. KOPLENSON] 45 years old, head physician at Sanitarium, large bearded man with a bandaged eye, recommends minimum security for MICHAEL MEYERS. WE ARE LOOKING FOR A STRONG CAMEO APPEARANCE HERE - STAR NAMES ONLY


[ELLEN LOOMIS] 55 years old, attractive silver-haired woman. The bedrock of the Loomis household. She is the ideal wife, caring supportive, terrifically worried about her husband's borderline obsession with his most famous patient. She is long suffering and a woman who the audience will need to connect with.

[LISA GREY] 50 years old, EILEEN'S best friend. She comes over for dinner more often than not, and often brings the wine she likes to drink. Thank god Eileen has Lisa to lean on!

[LUKE GREY] 56 years old, Older DR. LOOMIS' friend and Lisa's husband, distinguished looking professor type.

[KENDALL JACKS] Attendant at the Sanitarium, NOEL KLUGGS' trouble making buddy, and rapist. He is in excellent physical shape - he can handle the rowdy patient. He is one half of a terrifying team - no one wants these two attending their sick family members.

[KAREN MERCY] 27 years old, cute, severely mentally disabled, at sanitarium.

[EARL HICKS] 35 years old, graveyard-shift security guard at sanitarium.

[BILL JUDGE] 30s-50s, another security guard.

[BIG JOE GRIZZLY] 45 years old, large mountain-man. His size gives him a natural confidence, and he does not scare easily. He is a trucker dressed in dirty coveralls.

[MASON STRODE] 51 years old, handsome man with graying hair. LAURIE'S dad. He hates corporate America. He is concerned with his daughter's safety, is a great guy, and seems to be the father figure that would survive any horror film.

[CYNTHIA STRODE] 45 years old, attractive woman with classic bone structure. MASON'S wife. LAURIE'S mom. Should look like a corn fed Midwestern all American mom, not pulled too tight.


[GRANT CLARK] 54 years old, cemetery grounds-keeper. He has worked at this cemetery all of his adult life. Takes pride in his work.

[PAUL] 18-19, probably held back a year, as he is ANNIE'S Boyfriend (Annie likes older guys, even if they are stupid). He is a stringy or shaggy haired bony faced teenager. He smokes, but they are probably menthols. A dude.

[BARBARA FLORENTINE] 52 years old, head of Haddonfield Adoption Agency. A real 'Stick to the Rules' type. Character actors welcome.

[LIEUTENANT CHARLES] A police officer who is there throughout the film, as a man devoted to his job and his community.

[STAN CAMPBELL] 60 years old, the county coroner. One line - has had this job for years.

[MR. DOYLE] TOMMY'S Dad. One scene. Caucasian, middle-aged. A parent type.

[MRS. DOYLE] TOMMY'S Mom. One scene. Caucasian, middle-aged. A parent type.

[AARON KRAMER] 53 years old, nervous looking file clerk, on parole, a drug user. Says "um" a lot, works for BARBARA. GREAT FUN CAMEO FOR A BELOVED CHARACTER ACTOR OF NOTE.

[LINDSAY WALLACE] 9 years old, any ethnicity, the young girl that ANNIE baby-sits. She ignores ANNIE and is enthralled with the TV. She is very smart, probably smarter than Annie. This is a role that requires a lot of scene specific smart acting choices.

[BOB SIMMS] 17 years old, tall, long haired stoner-type. He is Lynda's boyfriend, and likes to guzzle beer.

[OFFICER LOWERY] 34 years old, he responds to LAURIE'S 911 call.


User Comments

James oconnor 5:04pm, January 10, 2007
hey there i like michael a LOT!!!!!!! but whats going on i
mean is it a remake of the 1st one or a new one can someone
tell me please also the day it comes out its driving me
crazy can you email me on and if
you email movies 1 to 8 free to you whaen you want free from
me emailme
wisin 12:30am, January 7, 2007
FUCK NO!!!!!
joschro 7:04pm, December 29, 2006
ok so all of u people are bitching about a movie that you
havent even seen yet. im curious as to how its going to turn
out. and they've already ruined the "mystery" of
michael meyers with the piece of shit sixth installment in
the series with that "mark of the thorn" bullshit.
he's not trying to ruin a classic he is trying to re-invent
it for a new generation. stop bitching until u see it!
P.W. 2:26pm, December 26, 2006
I tend to think that Rob is smarter than this. He is after
all a huge fan of the Halloween movies. I can not see him
putting such a human side to Michael and basically making
his family trash. It seems to me that we may be looking at a
phony list. I think Rob would be smart enough not to try and
make Michael all too human with the silly stripper,
masterbation stuff. I will reserve until I see some
"official" news.
St Casper of Melbourne 8:56pm, December 20, 2006
Luke Henley- Sherri's in it? Oh well then, they better start
polishing the Oscar! Seriously though, this film sounds like
it's on track with some decent ideas and plot points. I do
agree however with a previous poster that making the Myer's
trash as apposed to the All-American Nuclear family is a
serious diversion from the original mythos indeed.
Chainsaw 11:25am, December 19, 2006
Give it a rest. Even if this is horrible (and I have faith
in Rob to do something different), it takes nothing away
from Carpenter's wonderful movie.
russ 6:32pm, December 14, 2006
I get the feeling that Rob Zombie always dreamed as a child
of making the greatest 70's horror cult classic...when he
grew up. Problem is he keeps reduing other people's cult
classics. For example, House of 1000 Corpses was Rob's
version of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequal- even featuring
an Actor from a previous Chainsaw sequal. It was
unsuccessful at becoming a cult classic unlike its
predecessor. I think this round he's just doing an obvious
remake to get his name associated with any cult classic.
But it might prove more damaging to his reputation as a
melissa 11:46pm, December 12, 2006
michael is suddenly from a trashy upbringing? bullshit, he
is pure evil..that is the only explanation you need.
masturbaating to animals and his mom is a stripper and a
deadbeat boyfriend rob how did you ever come
up with this original, chilling, and thoughtful material?
what a disrespect to the franchise.
Barlow 7:36pm, December 12, 2006
Why the big downer? These are ideas for christs sake.
Slagging a movie off before its even made celluloid is about
daft as it gets.
manny 11:07pm, December 11, 2006
has this stuff been confirmed? either this is bullshit or
this movie will be awful. mother is a stripper? i am
actually laughing. i loved devils rejects, not so much
house of thousand corpses. but if this is true i can't
believe he would go down this road. KEEP MICHAEL A MYSTERY,
i don't like knowing about his family, let alone changing
his family to hillbillies, strippers, sluts, etc.
Luke Henley 5:05am, December 11, 2006
With Zombie's more-than-encyclopedic knowledge of horror
films and the Halloween series in general, and with two
strong movies under his belt (House of 1000 Corpses was
awesome and hysterically funny, Devil's Rejects was a
masterpiece and he's only two movies into the game!) I have
full confidence that this movie will be great. Plus
Sherri's in it! Come ON! In addition to that, after H2O
there's no pressure to keep from "sullying the
name" of the franchise.
Sammy 11:48pm, December 9, 2006
I think RZ is going to mess it up. Horror pics these days
are getting so boring because they get too much into the
gore of it and not the phyche. Take for instance...Mike
Myers, born at the same time a strange occurrence in the
hospital basement taking place (ritual,sacrifice whatever)
and as he grows he evols into a more twisted evil and his
features change...As a child he murders his sister and ends
up in the ward. while in the ward numerous murders are
occurring and no one knows how anyone entered the locked
rooms of the staff not realizing Myres
is developing a mind power to make one murder themselves
and control them with his mind. As they slowly disfugure
themselves the stronger he gets...(freddy K with his
souls)he feeds on their pain...Ok now as the power grows he
completes his metamorphasis into a emotionless face just
like the mask and arms legs abnormally long, eyes blood red
...he slips into a coma like state and dies as loomis and
medical staff try to recover him his heart beats to the
theme music and he gets up and murders more bye his hand and
by his new mental ability. he leaves loomis alive for
whatever reason and moves on to find his sister.etc
etc....In the classic movie there is a scene where he stabs
this chick with a knife and as she hangs on the door he
slowly twists his head as to be entertained to watch her die
slowly...I had a nightmare of this but in the dream he was
disfigured as described above and he was walking (myres dont
run!) after me I was so scared that I hit him with a bat and
his neck broke and his head look as if it came out of the
socket...he held me up to the door and a knife slowly went
into my chest and his head started to turn upright to its
place and I died as I was looking into his eyes..and at my
last breath i saw If Rz can do this the FUCK
YA!!!! but so far Im not a fan of what it appears....sorry
for the long post. But I'm a die hard fan, and they should
start listeneing to us fans!
Loomisfan 6:40pm, December 8, 2006
I'm willing to give the movie a shot; but after recently
watching House of 1000 Corpses (not bad, not good, either)
and The Devil's Rejects again (this one looking like
Zombie's dying to get in with the Tarantino and Rodriguez
From Dusk To Dawn crowd), I hope he doesn't make Halloween
anything like these two films. By the way, there's a
Halloween book coming in 2007. The author's been working on
it for like eight years and he did a book about comics
called Tales to Astonish that was pretty good.
bizzyluke 2:30pm, December 8, 2006
I think I would like to see Michael as a more savage
character and a bit more gory, but I can tell you what I
don't want to see. I don't want to see him humanized,
because no human, (bad childhood or not) can survive some of
the things he's gone through. I'd like to see how RZ
explains this. Michael is evil and indestructible in my
opinion. He is my favorite character by far, but I don't
want to see his face, let alone hear him talk. Its one thing
to say dont go see it if you dont want to. But your still
putting a bad chapter in the best series of horror movies
and we'll have to associate this bomb with the good ones.
Joe 8:35pm, December 6, 2006
This is a disgrace. Zombie, listen to Loomis in the first
two movies. He explains what Myers is. He's not a victim
of society. He is pure evil. This film needs a
supernatural element, not some yawn-inducing backstory about
a rough childhood. I'm a HUGE Halloween fan, but I will
boycott this piece of shit if it turns out like the above
Sauron 8:38pm, December 4, 2006
As I have been saying.....crap.....pure unadulterated crap.
Moustapha Akkad was pretty tight about the storyline, famous
stories abound about writers getting the short shift when
theyre sequel ideas were a little less than desireable
(there's even the famous story about Tarentino gettin booted
out of Akkad's office when he offered a script that denoted
Myers as a disgruntled homeless figure) Anyway Malek seems
bent on capitalizing on the current state of splattertrash
that passes for horror these days. So what does old Maley
do.....why hire the biggest purveyor of this hack nonsense,
Rob Dumbie. Good job Maley. Nice try at milking the
industry for what its worth. I'm sure this cinematic piece
of art will stand tall in the annals of film history. The
silver lining here: Dumbie's career as a pretend wannabe
filmaker should effectively be over once this piece of tripe
makes gets out.
Loomisfan 6:36pm, December 4, 2006
If Rob Zombie's approach is as listed above it sounds like
there may be too many characters; the back story might drain
Myers of what made him special; and it might be another in a
long line of fast-moving, clueless, and ultimately boring
debacles that finally turns a wider audience off to Myers
and the very idea of a Halloween movie. It's a pity that
Moustapha isn't here. If he were, he might have put a stop
to this crummy idea.
zombiefan 1:37pm, December 4, 2006
how many people will blindly follow rob with his idea? i am
a fan of devil's rejects and his music is pretty good, but
these ideas SUCK. its debatable if rob should explain
michael and his motives at all, or keep him mysterious, pure
evil, supernatural perhaps. BUT he seems intent on
explaining why michael kills, and those reasons are STRIPPER
TO ANIMALS....are you fucking kidding me? sounds like
jeffery dahmer or gacy or hein. this movie is pure trash,
which rob seems to think people yearn for. rob i am so
disappointed with this, please don't do this the franchise
fuckya 3:16pm, December 2, 2006
well i mite go seethis but idk if i would like it but i
would like 2 see another sequal with like more 2 the story
of halloween like hellow maybe bring back laurie strode's
son, or maybe have dr. loomis have a son or something man
not ten year olds masturbating
Jeff 12:39am, December 1, 2006
hey D.O.M., what do you think of my idea for a sequel?
michael, his stripper mother, the boyfriend Ronnie, the
incestual Judith, and the animal carcass all go on The Jerry
Springer Show. this movie has trash written all over it,
not looking forward to it anymore.
Loomis 7:35pm, November 30, 2006
Can´t wait to see Myers masturbating to a death dog -.-
borntokill 5:30pm, November 29, 2006
>>to samantha>> i thought we werent supposed to
respond to eachothers comments, but since you brought it
up... Anyone who pays to see this film and supports the
desecration of a true horror masterpiece, is not a
"diehard fan" as you suggest, they're a diehard
moron. And pardon me for not having faith in hack zombie,
whos screenplays are even worse than his music. Hes a
fucking idiot, youre a fucking idiot, and anyone who
supports this shit, is not a fan horror. period. If they
were going to attempt to do the unthinkable and remake it,
they shouldve gotten a great writer like ketchum, or king,
or lee, or clive barker. and get aja or miike to direct it.
Not some dredlocked fag with no creativity, no talent, and
absolutely no intelligence. and who you callin a
cobra 4:10pm, November 29, 2006
was there talk of a petition to stop zombie;s film? i would
like to sign it, this sounds like a joke. its not too late
Jonny 4:01pm, November 29, 2006
Right on Chad !!! Most of these comment's are so ridiculous.
How the hell can you people shoot this down by just reading
a synopsis " Hey Halloween fan's, John Carpenter gave
his blessing". Rob Zombie is doing a "new"
version. NOT remaking the original which is in my opinion,
one of the great horror movies of all time.That version will
forever be there. Rob Zombie's interpretation will in no way
affect that. I say "people", let the movie come
out. THEN make your opinion. You just sound ignorant and
close minded. RZ just may surprise you.
tyger 3:01pm, November 29, 2006
this movie sounds like a dud. i think i would feel bad for
michael knowing he had a crappy upbringing (broken home,
stripper mother, abusive stepfather, incestual sister).
michael is my fav. killer from all these movies and i really
don't want to know about his background. i think him being
normal is more scary. dysfunctional michael? bad idea.
joshua belcher 1:18pm, November 29, 2006
I belive from reading that Mr.Cummings also known as (Rob
Zombie) is doing good being that he is stuck with a big
undefeatful task give him a break and stop propergandering
on him. The movie will be good!!! Rob has a good talent
let him work.
thisisajokeright 1:23am, November 29, 2006
The people that say Zombie is there favourite director are
either fans of his music or are in serious need of mental
help. His grand total of TWO movies do not warrant
direction of the greatest horror movie of all time. The
blame must rest with Malek Akkad and Dimension Films. SELL
OUTS. Once again they treat the Halloween fans like fucking
imsorryisthisajoke 1:15am, November 29, 2006
This is a joke right? Halloween remade by Rob Zombie is one
thing to take. This storyline is a real piss on your
face. So much for respecting your art, Zombie.
ANGERED!!! 1:11am, November 29, 2006
What the hell is this?? Why bother remaking something if
you are going to just destroy it? This is the worst idea in
cinema history.
myers freak 11:55pm, November 28, 2006
i actually don't like where this is going. rob zombie
please reconsider his background. give michael the respect
he deserves. michael should come from a good background and
he just snaps when he kills his sister.
Brucelives 6:42pm, November 28, 2006
They're gonna do the same thing to Michael Myers that they
did to Leatherface. Humanize him and just make him another
psycho. It's a sad trend where we either remake classic
actually scary films into flavor-of-the-month crap or create
new uninteresting characters with lack of either motivation
or mystique like Jigsaw from the Saw series (can't believe
he's in a lot of Top Ten Serial Killers on Film lists...).
What about coming up with your own damn characters? Or at
least continuing the adventures of one, but keeping it the
same character in a different setting. Wouldn't you rather
see Buckaroo Banzai Against The World Crime League than this
turkey-in-progress. God damn it, Rob, you had potential.
chico 4:34pm, November 28, 2006
sounds like bullshit, like some shock movie. strippers,
killiing animals, masturbation, local gun shop, hahaha! what
a joke is right. spare the something
different with halloween night, leave his childhood alone.
christina 2:26pm, November 28, 2006
are you serious? this stuff is laughable. i don't think i
will go see this movie. michael's mom is now a stripper?
gary 1:08pm, November 28, 2006
wow, it seems rob has a complete disrespect for a classic.
trailer trash stripper mom really makes him scarier. rob
zombie i was all for you doing justice to the franchise, but
now i wish they found someone else.
Chad 11:59am, November 28, 2006
You know what...If John Carpenter and the family of Mustapha
Akkad are cool with it and like the idea, who the fuck are
we to judge. Sitting here making judgements on something we
haven't seen and are going off of assumptions is ridiculous.
Seriously, if you feel the need to voice your amateur
critic opinions about the upcoming movie, just wait until
you've seen it. If you aren't going to see it, treat it
like voting. If you aren't doing it, you don't have the
right to bitch.
kaiser 10:45pm, November 27, 2006
this movie seems awful. why explain michael? i thought
halloween was different because it was the only one where
they kept him a mystery. stripper mom and abusive
boyfriend? rob zombie you are making a mistake.
Samantha 7:41pm, November 27, 2006
Born to kill, your a fucking idoit, to be a true horror fan
you don't just watch high buget films or just films from the
90's. You go deep into the heart you pull out the first
horror movies ever made, you pull out the Vincent Price
movies (Who by the way is my god)you pull out the movies
that not even made yet. A true fan gives everyone a chance.
Never call your self a fan you bitch. Just because you sit
on your computer bitching a moaning doesn't make you a fan,
it Makes you a critic and a bad one at that. Rob may not be
the John Carpenter of his time, but he has a vision that you
couldn't even dream of. So go fuck your self. And the rest
of us will enjoy every movie even the worst ones. You can
never waste your money on a movie.
Sauron 7:26pm, November 27, 2006
I've been trying for a week to solidly define what is
bugging me about this and someone finally summed it up
perfectly for me. There is no f-ing respect for the
character, story, movies, et al. Zombie could easily make
this piece of crap and call it something else and it would
probably be satisfy all of the schills who've been oggling
over this crap on this forum. But he 'thinks' he's gonna
reinvent the Michael Myers saga, oh the f-ing
borntokill 2:52pm, November 27, 2006
rob zombie is a fucking idiot, hack, who's gonna ruin this
picture. my only consolation is that the people who are
going pay to see this disgrace, are not true horror fans. so
let them waste their money on this inferior, pretentious,
shit he dares to call "halloween"
DarkMageOfChaos 1:45pm, November 27, 2006
Hey, this sounds pretty sick and i think that rob is going
in a direction of this film that will be more in your face
and i can't wait when it comes out and i luv house of 1000
corpses and devil's rejects and really looking forward to
see how its will come out with an awesome cast and all.
RayRay88 10:33am, November 27, 2006
Please tell me this is fake!!!!!
Marco 3:28am, November 27, 2006
I don't know... it sounds way too pretentious...
Angry 9:19pm, November 26, 2006
What the fuck is this shit? SEX DRUGS
RAPE? MASTERBATION?? Michael Myers is supposed to be
something you cant explain - this fucker is coming and using
shock value to make a name for himself. I know he is
doing something apparently new and different ( although this
sounds like many a film I have seen before from the 70s) but
then why do it and use the Halloween title and a character
as treasured as Michael Myers? You idiots that rave about
this Rob Zombie guy really have no clue. He has made TWO
movies - House Of 1000 Corpses is absolute trash. It is not
scary or horrific, just a bunch of swearing, sex and
violence mixed into a pointless storyline. Thats fine. But
if you enter the Halloween series and attempt to make
something from it, have some fucking respect for those that
went before you.
Carl Daigrepont 1:09pm, November 26, 2006
O.K. Well, it sounds too faithful to the my
opinion Michael is possessed by something nameless and evil
(the very spirit of Halloween?)...yeah, there's the mental
amgle, but what made the original scary was knowing that
this wasn't just some maniac...this was something
supernatural. The less "remake" and more
"prequel" the better...I, for one expect more from
Zombie than a "remake"...make it freaky, Robbie!
Fulci_Zombie 11:33am, November 26, 2006
for those of you who are complaining about the changes in
the movie, that was zombies point. What would be the point
of making a scene for scene remake like the omen? In that
case, you might as well just watch the original.
LoU 7:37pm, November 25, 2006
I agree with Samantha, its just a different perspective its
not gonna affect the series, its like school essays you read
an article and you write an essay in your own words... as
long as Michael has his mask and he's killing people I will
watch it, I think the only way they can mess up the series
or the movie is if they make what could of been Halloween 6
"Michael Myers in space" or a Michael Myers
without a mask. What I don't understand and what could of
made this plot allot better is, why didn't they just stick
with the original plan?? Halloween: The Early Years, that's
what this sounds like anyway so why consider it a re-make???
it would of been better because the first thing people are
gonna do is compare this film to the original and lets face
it you can't compare any film to the original or make a
better film then the first Halloween, I believe sequels are
only better than the original if the original sucked, so
lets try not to compare it and appreciate that its not
Helloween with Pinhead fighting Michael...if you break
things down in general its gonna go down to opinions I'm
positive plenty people will hate this film and plenty will
love it, shit some people don't even like the original
Halloween because Michael's lack of appearances so that's
what it comes down to opinions and that's what Rob Zombie is
doing his writing his opinion on how his Halloween is,
doesn't make it right or wrong besides I doubt Zombie is
gonna stick around and make more than 2 sequels. What you
think? feedback anyone??
Eric 3:45pm, November 25, 2006
as said we all know how micheal came about and the mom a
stripper? and her boyfriend? and first off michel never saw
laurie, cause he was committed before she was born, i dont
think the strodes took her to see micheal even tho they
kinda hint in halloween 2, this is shit, micheal is crazy
but not no masterbating to dogs crap, what the hell???
Re-writing a history of someone whos past has been fucked
with over and over, but making this..i agree with the
petition or re-write the whole thing, and the micheal
tortring animals? um yea doesnt make any sence...this is
bullshit, i am a huge fan of halloween and i doubted him
making this from the get-go, hes taking a simple thing and
turning it into something way off coarse, it should be
affliated or called halloween, its not in the right.
Samantha 2:37pm, November 25, 2006
Rob Zombie is full of talent and knows what he wants to do.
How many of you can say that. Sure Halloween is an amazing
series, and most of all the first one, but for the true die
hard fans (like me) a presequel/rewrite can't even touch the
series no matter how bad it is. A rewrite is never a bad
idea you just get to see it through other people's eyes. I'm
sure this movie will be great, and even if it's not it can't
ruin it. Something so great as Halloween will always shine
through. I mean we are all still killing and lets be honest
all the sequels haven't been sunshine and rainbows. Give the
poor guy a chance, Some one like rob zombie who spends a
great deal of his life watching horror pictures has to have
a good take on this or he wouldn't do it. Thanks for
Arthur Ludwig 2:17pm, November 25, 2006
Jaime lee Curtis should be cast as Marion Chambers. Don't
you think? Sarah Michelle Geller should play Lourie Strode.
What do you think?
Arthur Ludwig 2:10pm, November 25, 2006
I thnk this movie will be very good however Rob should take
out the whole masterbating idea. I hope this movie will be
about 2and a half hours if he will go into detail about
Myers childhood. not enough time.
BRIAN 11:09am, November 25, 2006
I must agree with Roman on this one. Remember what happened
last time they tried to explain Michael's rage?! Halloween
6! That's what happened! Rob isn't retelling the
looks like he is rewriting it alltogether. Get ready for the
usual Zombie film-a lack of vision and talent masked behind
an outrageous storyline AND choppy camera work reminiscent
of the Blair Witch Project! I CAN'T WAIT!
The Shape 11:46pm, November 24, 2006
Alexandre Aja should of been picked to direct. He is the
best around right now. Zombie is overated. Hills was better
then Devils Rejects..........
Sauron 11:33pm, November 24, 2006
Uh Huh....and?????
Mike 11:27pm, November 24, 2006
All of you people need to relax.......... From the beginning
Zombie has said that his Halloween will be a 'retelling' in
his own image, so based on his two other films you should
know from now what you are getting into. If you are looking
for a remake in the vein of the original, your going to be
dissapointed. Based on his past work alone this movie should
be one of the best in the series if not the best besides the
original. He is a big fan of Halloween, he will not fuck
this up.
Nolan 11:18pm, November 24, 2006
I'm really pumped to be honest. It's not like he's going to
ruin the franchise. He's starting again, making it new.
Whats the point of hating on something that the creator
endorses. I am looking forward to seeing a new face on the
franchise, a more in depth look at Myers, and the
possibility of a more twisted set of films emerging from the
ashes of a storyline which has been completely washed out.
I just hope they don't make the grownup Myers look any
different. KEEP THE MASK!
Sauron 8:23pm, November 24, 2006
I believe Carpenter's response was "do what you will
with the story" hardly a ringing endorsement.....
Don of the Dead 5:56pm, November 24, 2006
Can't fucking wait! Corpses and Rejects fucking ruled,
can't wait for Halloween!
ROMAN 5:10pm, November 24, 2006
Im sorry for my comments. I should just leave you with this
thought. Its preety obvious you want to see Michael Myers's
ten year old penis!!!! Im sorry I didnt realize you were
into that kinda child pornography Deandra... My mistake.
:>0 Hope the FBI doesnt check your computer, or Rob
Zombie's for that matter!
ROMAN 4:57pm, November 24, 2006
Hey jack-off if u like Rob Zombie's vision of Halloween than
the only reason is cause he is appealing to your CUNT!!!
The new version is terrible and it has no relevance to
the original as he obviously does not respect the fans and
the true state of the franchise. Why is it that Zombie only
can direct in reference to trashy trailer fuck characters.
Gimme a break if u love him so much than u should get some
help. That goes to all of u losers Zombie should be eaten by
zombies if u ask me.
Deandra 3:26pm, November 24, 2006
You people are ridiculous. Who gives a shit? If you don't
want to see the film, don't go see it. Simple as that. For
those of us that DO want to see it, you won't be taking up
needed space &air in the theatre. Seriously, some of
you need to grow the fuck up &get over your bitching.
You sound like you're in the third grade. If Carpenter is
fine with it (which he is) then who cares? Your stupid
petitions and bitching WON'T stop the film from being made
so why waste your time? That has to be the most ridiculous
thing I've ever heard. Rob's going to make the film,
&like his two past films, I'm more than positive it will
be quite interesting and amazing to see. If you hate the
idea so much then stop reading about it and leaving stupid
fucking comments taking up space for the real fans of Rob
and the new Halloween movie. Those of us who are excited
about the film would like to read an article on it without
having to skim through ignorant, arrogant &unnessicary
comments from an angry lynch mob.
rabbit in red 3:24pm, November 24, 2006
This film will be, in comparison to Carpenter's original, an
utter waste of celluloid, given what can be gleaned from not
only Zombie's previous attempts at screenwriting/directing
(a joke), but from the above synopsis. I'd rather
masturbate with sandpaper than watch Zombie's Myers
jerk-off. He shall destroy the myth and mystery for a whole
legion of filmgoers, apparently doesn't respect the source
material or fans, and is clearly only in this for one thing:
MONEY. (Which is the reason a 'Best of Zombie' seems to drop
every year on CD, and his new albums never possess more than
10 tracks, with each having the refrain of 'Yeah.')
Matthew 2:43pm, November 24, 2006
This is the worst idea ever. I hate the idea of a remake and
I hate this version of Halloween. This movie will be a piece
of shit! With Michael coming from a abusive home and he
masturbates, what the hell is this shit. We all know how
Michael becomes evil. And it's not from what this bullshit
story is about. I'm all for another Halloween movie. If Rob
wanted to make Michael scary again why couldn't he just make
Michael scary again in Hallowen 9. Why do we have to have a
piece of shit like this to represent the Halloween
franchise. Halloween Resurrection wasn't good, but a least
it gave closure is the first 10 minutes of the film. I just
don't know way they can't combined Halloweens 4,5,6 with H2O
and Resurrection. I know I have the perfect Halloween 9
Script. It could save the franchise and is way better than
Rob's fuck up remake. Like I said on the Halloween Message
Board I didn't wait 5 years after Resurrection for a damn
remake. Please tell me that when this shitty ass remake is
done they go ahead and make Halloween 9. PLEASE!!!!
Sauron 2:30pm, November 24, 2006
The benefit of the doubt is the fact that Zombie has been
given a few million dollars and unlimited creative license
to put forth his vision of the 'Halloween' franchise, no
matter how stunted it is. If this is the best we're gonna
get then the benefit of the doubt has expired. There are
plenty of other fans who've seen the original hundreds of
times, so Zumbie's little attempt to justify his expertise
on the matter ain't roiling any sympathy from these here
camps. Bottom line, Carpenter has said infinite numbers of
times that Myer's draw comes from the nameless, faceless,
mysterious evil that fades in and out of our beloved
characters existance on this one night. For Dumbie to say
that HE felt it made no sense, that HE feels the need to
show what drives the evil, that HE has a vision that he
feels will finally put the franchise to rights shows an
absolutely galling lack of intelligence on his part. But as
I said before this is what you should expect when you have a
rock star masquerading as a film director. If everyone here
wants to schill for the Dumbie camp then go ahead spend your
nine bucks and weep when this utter piece of sh*t hits the
theaters. If there's a silver lining to be had in all of
this is that Zombie's career will be over after this.
evilgooey 12:33pm, November 24, 2006
If michael Myers is obsessed with his babysitter at age 8,
and comes looking for her after he escapes/is released at
age 25, how is laurie strode 17?
Sam 11:42am, November 24, 2006
Oh Dear....
Ghoul 8:22am, November 24, 2006
relax people... we've had how many crap halloween sequels
thus far? now everybody is going to hate RZ for doing
something different & original? sheesh... give him the
fucking benefit of the doubt before you start threatening
him, starting your pointless 'stop this movie' petitions and
Brian 3:36am, November 24, 2006
I (like everyone else here)am a huge fan of the original,
and don't want to see a shitty remake. I also liked Rob
Zombie's first two flicks alot. I would think that getting
Zombie on this flim would be cool as hell, but after reading
this it looks like he might fuck it up after all. I don't
want to see the lame-ass "court tv" special that
examines the reasons why Mike is a stone cold killer. One
of the reasons why we love Myers so much is you have no idea
what the fuck his problem is. Rob Zombie could salvage this
somehow, but if most of the movie is Myers as a kid it's
fucked. And for the love of God, don't make him talk alot
or it's fucked. And please please please don't try to make
us feel sorry for Mike or it's fucked. Anything less than
making Myers an emotionless butcher and THIS MOVIE IS
Kevin 9:31pm, November 23, 2006
The characters that are not listed are ones that are already
cast. I guess Sheri Moon is playing Marion Chambers. Pity,
I thought Charisma Carpenter would be better.
ozzyfan 5:35pm, November 23, 2006
well im a big fan of rob zombie but the whole michael myers
masturbating is kinda fucked up if u ask me does he even
rape any of his victims once he kills them but besides that
i guess it'll be ok, i think JOHN CARPENTER should do a
remake if there is going to be one made
Bob 5:12pm, November 23, 2006
Anyone else concerned that it looks like most of the story
takes place with a younger Mike Myers and lots of kids? I
like to get straight into the blood and boobs, I dont need
45 minutes of kids masturbating to dead dogs.
SawDust 3:20pm, November 23, 2006
oh my god,lol, good or bad, it looks like this will be
TheOne07 2:30pm, November 23, 2006
This movie isn't even being filmed yet and it's already
Ryan 11:37am, November 23, 2006
i was looking forward to seeing this movie until i read this
cast breakdown....
Saint_C 11:04am, November 23, 2006
Like everyone, I was a little worried when a remake to
"Halloween" was announced. But when Rob Zombie's
name was given as the writer/director of the film, I was
more than releaved & felt that he was the best choice
for the job. Reading the synopsis and character descriptions
given here the other day, I am even more happy about the way
Rob is going about his vision of John Carpenter's classic.
Zombie's vision of Michael Myers will be the most disturbing
image of evil that we'll ever see of this character.
Something lost in just about every sequel in this series.
Finally, Michael Myers WILL be scary again!!
Will W. 7:58am, November 23, 2006
Wow! I am a big fan of Zombie's work but even I am a little
pessimistic about what I read so far. It just seems kind of
cliche to show Myers having this totally fucked up childhood
leading to him becoming a sociopath. Oh well I'll will cut
the guy a break until we get closer to release time and
hopefully this will look alot better on the screen than it
does on paper.
Jeff 7:08am, November 23, 2006
IF that info is real, what a disappointment. Let's give Rob
the benefit of the doubt that all of that was just B.S., but
if that's the storyline I won't even go see it.
Aaron 4:45am, November 23, 2006
Oh my god....Rob this info sounds pathetic... I'm a big fan
of your previous 2 films...I loved TDR and your musics ok...
but just by reading this info for characters I can tell its
gonna suck. Whats up with nudity in horror now
seems 70 percent of films have to have it for no reason at
all. This film definitely doesnt need nudity. Someone stop
this project NOW!
Jonny 2:48am, November 23, 2006
Being a BIG fan of the original,I was more than worried
about a remake. But after hearing how Rob Zombie was going
to go deeper into the characters, like Michael's childhood
and how he became what he is, I now am excited about the
potential this new version could be. Let's wait and see what
RZ does with his idea before we hate it. His "House of
1000 Corpse" sucked, but "Devil's Reject's was
intense and demented. I also think he's smart enough to know
the magnitude of this project and it's long time fans. We'll
know on August 7th ,2007. I'll be there opening night.
ROMAN 2:34am, November 23, 2006
Please make a petition to stop this film from being made, I
had faith in it before cause Im a big fan of zombie but he
has gone too fuckin far this time I will not sit back and
let him destroy a picture perfect film and replace it with a
trashy B movie crap script that my little cousin could have
written. This film can not be made... START THE PETITION
Roman 2:29am, November 23, 2006
You have to be fucking kidding, Myers masturbation,
strippers moms, abusive boyfriends, michael school bullies,
gimme a break. Pet kills, Loomis has a damn wife and the
middle america theme is gone and replaced with Rob Zombie
Judith Myers whore trash crap. fuck crap damn it to hell I
will go to Rob Zombies home and kick his trailer trash ass
if this film gets close to start shooting.
Jordan 2:05am, November 23, 2006
I think this might be pretty good. It'll show why Michael is
crazy, because of his stripper mom and mean sister. It's
cool that Dr. Loomis will have a wife this time. It will be
interesting to see Michael at school. I think it sounds
wierd to have Michael jacking off to pictures of dead
animals. Well, I can't wait to see it.
Rich 1:59am, November 23, 2006
If I see a 10 year old Michael Myers jerking off to a
picture of a decapitated dog, I am walking out of the
theater. That would be so detatched from what Halloween is
all about. Also, Laurie Michael's babysitter? What the hell?
wizzack 12:55am, November 23, 2006
rob zombie you suck. take a great horror movie and turn it
into a piece of trash.
john 11:51pm, November 22, 2006
Jena malone for laurie strode.
sauron 10:36pm, November 22, 2006
This is what you get when you have a rock star playing film
director. Let's get Zombie because he's oh-so-trendy
these days and try to get some relevance from his
involvement in the project. Puh-leeze. The original
cannot be remade.....period. What's even sadder is that
according to Zombie's MTV interviews there are certain
aspects of the original that he felt just didn't make sense
and now he feels it's time to "educate" us with
his views of how it should "really" have
been. What a colossial idiot. The sad part is that
some people actually think this piece of garbage might do
something for the state of the Halloween franchise. Sorry
Rob but you just never had a clue.....
AlexLifeson 10:33pm, November 22, 2006
I enjoy the whole prequel idea of featuring Michael Myers as
a child and what ultimately sent him into insanity, but feel
that RZ will fuck it up by taking out the "edge"
that was in Carpenter's movie.
CardDealer 9:56pm, November 22, 2006
Sounds good to me. He's making his own film not just a
9:40pm, November 22, 2006
Ugh, Welp, we still have the ORIGINAL to savor. With Zombie
behind this, I just know it is going to be awful.
Jake 8:51pm, November 22, 2006
This sounds like the biggest piece of crap ever. You don't
have to show Michael jerking off to dead animals to tell us
he's psycho. WE GET IT. Rob Zombie can go to hell. Stupid
ass mutha.
flp 8:42pm, November 22, 2006
I'm with Bob, that is pointless & gay. To perceive
michael myers in that light kills the whole mystery of the
curse. That list seems like a 12 year old wrote it. If
Zombie wrote that,he's more of a weak minded writer than I
thought. "Spoilers"...Lol! Gimme a break.
kraven 7:30pm, November 22, 2006
if sid haig is loomis i'm mailing a pile of shit to zombie's
Mr Disgusting 7:02pm, November 22, 2006
To Bob: It's real
Bob 6:36pm, November 22, 2006
Michael Myers masturbatates to his photo album of past pet
kills? C'mon, give me a break.
Mr Disgusting 6:29pm, November 22, 2006
To Christina: No... it's not.
GTA Gavin 6:25pm, November 22, 2006
This could end up very badly. Just look at a lthe roles that
require partial or full nudity. The great thing about the
original halloween was how little they used T& A to sell
the film. The whole stripper thing and trailer trash
characters makes me really worried.
Dana 6:18pm, November 22, 2006
Where's Loomis? Sherriff Brackett? Weird...
Ro2001 4:55pm, November 22, 2006
Umm...where is the casting info for Dr Loomis, yeh he's got
a wife, but no mention really of casting info on him.
Christina 3:55pm, November 22, 2006
This is a fake list...!
Deandra 3:53pm, November 22, 2006
Yesss! I cannot wait for this film. Zombie is by far my
favorite director &this film will be amazing. Thanks so
much for this post.
Clammity 1:26pm, November 22, 2006
Nice observation!!
manny 12:40pm, November 22, 2006
There is no casting call for Marion Chambers, which leads me
to believe that is the role given to Sheri Moon, his wife!

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