Nintendo Press Room


Feb. 14, 2007

Nintendo has added an additional channel to its Wii Menu: the Everybody Votes Channel. This opinion-based channel asks Wii™ owners who have connected their systems to the Internet to weigh in on a variety of topics, some thoughtful, some amusing, some off-the-wall.

Up to six people from one household can vote on each question using their Miis™. The topics are sure to spark discussions as different users see how their answers stack up against their household, the country and even the world.

New regional questions will be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Global questions will be posed twice a month. After casting their ballots, users also get a chance to weigh in on how the majority of voters will respond to the same question.

After polls close, results will be displayed in a pie chart made up of Mii caricatures, to show respondents how their opinions matched those of the total surveyed population. Some polls also will display results by U.S. state or by gender.

Wii owners can even submit their own topics for Nintendo to use in future polls.

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