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5th-Grade Special Education Student Tasered at School -- an OAC Investigation.
A Roadmap to Support Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities -- a helpful, easy to understand guide to brokerage services.

What is OAC?

OAC is an independent non-profit organization which provides legal advocacy services for people with disabilities anywhere in Oregon. OAC is designated under federal law as the protection and advocacy system for Oregon, but it is not a part of the state or federal government. OAC has attorneys and advocates who assist people with disabilities.

What Does OAC Do?

OAC offers free legal assistance and other advocacy services to individuals who are considered to have physical or mental disabilities. OAC works only on legal problems which relate directly to the disability.

OAC staff gives advice and information about the rights of people with disabilities. This includes advice about civil rights, special education, health care, rights to public and private services, guardianship and rights in care facilities. OAC can investigate complaints of abuse and neglect in care facilities and programs. OAC can assist persons with disabilities in advocating for treatment, support or educational services.

OAC offers training about rights for people with disabilities, their families and professionals who work with them. OAC also provides written self-help materials which are available in alternate formats such as large print, tape or braille.

OAC is involved in state and local policy advocacy through participation in rule making, system planning, legislation and policy development that affect the rights of people with disabilities.

Who is Eligible for Direct OAC Services?

Anyone can call OAC to get information about the rights of people with disabilities. Direct case advocacy is provided only to people with disabilities for problems related to the disability. In deciding whether OAC will represent a person, OAC will consider:

How Can You Be Involved?

OAC has volunteer opportunities for persons who want to be more involved in disability advocacy. OAC has three advisory councils which are made up of people from across Oregon who help to set up OAC's priorities and objectives and evaluate program effectiveness. OAC also produces a quarterly newsletter covering disability issues, OAC activities and priorities. If you would like to volunteer to serve on an advisory council or to be placed on OAC's newsletter mailing list, call or write OAC.

As a non-profit agency, OAC gratefully accepts charitable donations. These donations are tax-deductible and are used to help us provide more services to people with disabilities.

Oregon Advocacy Center
620 SW 5th Avenue, 5th Floor
Portland, Oregon, 97204-1428
503-243-2081 (Voice)
1-800-452-1694 (Voice)
503-323-9161 (TTY)
1-800-556-5351 (TTY)

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