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 15 Broad Street

The former headquarters of JP Morgan, comprised of a 42-story tower at 15 Broad Street and an adjoining five-story building at 23 Wall Street, are being converted into the first luxury high-rise condominium on the block, known as "Downtown by Philippe Starck." Together with project architect Ismael Leyva and developer A.I. & Boymelgreen, Starck, one of France's best known designers, plans to transform the epicenter of American finance -- the intersection of Broad and Wall Streets -- into a vertical paradise. 

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 15 Broad Street
On the rooftop of 23 Wall Street, which overlooks the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall National Memorial, the apartment complex will feature a lush 5,000-square-foot park with a reflecting pool, lounge, and dining area. A lower level in that building will house a private bowling alley and 24-seat screening room.

Downtown by Philippe Starck, which is the designer's first residential project in New York, also will offer a fully equipped fitness center, yoga studio, weight training room, indoor lap pool, half-court basketball court, children's playroom, and business center.

On the market since August 2004, the building surpassed $210 million in sales in the first four weeks, according to Real Estate Weekly. As of November 2006, 98% of the apartments have been sold. Prices for the 326 units range from about $335,000 for a studio to $4.6 million for a two-bedroom apartment with a terrace. Many of the apartments are already occupied.

Twenty-three Wall Street was built in 1914 and linked to 15 Broad Street in 1957. The buildings were later remodeled as headquarters of the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company, corporate forerunner of J. P. Morgan Chase & Company. In 2003, A. I. & Boymelgreen of Brooklyn bought the Morgan buildings for $100 million.

A sales office for Downtown by Philippe Starck is open at 23 Wall Street. Eventually, sections of the landmark building, except for the roof lounge, may be separated from the residential units in 15 Broad Street and used as commercial or retail space.

Daily Activities

The interior of this former commercial building has been completely gutted, down  to its original concrete structure, to prepare it for residential use. Work is currently underway to enclose the living spaces on each floor, beginning with the middle section of the building. This job involves putting up sheetrock according to the specific design layout for each apartment. No exterior work is planned, and according to the developer, no sidewalk closures are anticipated for this project as of yet.

Contact Info

To find out more about the new building at 15 Broad Street, go to www.downtownbystarck.com or call the Sales and Design Center at (212) 344-3200.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the construction of Downtown by Phillip Starck be complete?
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