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friday, januari 12 2007

wootwoot, some funny anime!
i've added the series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, it's a fun anime series with only 14 episodes!, you should check it out!

monday, januari 1th 2007

Happy new year! best wishes for all!
and surprise surprise!
i've fixed ALL futurama episodes ! and added all Stargate SG1 episodes!

wednesday, december 13th

My friend has a hosting company
jup, my friend jack has a hosting company.. and it's quite good actualy! it has a failover system so if the server breaks down, a backup server is initialized and your site won't be down! the prizes are very nice too! you should check it out!

sunday, december 10th

I added season 1 - 6 of Stargate SG1 to the site!
and i'm also going to add all other seasons and atlantis to it when the time comes:p

monday, november 27

I added the first season of Stargate SG1 to the site!
and i'm also going to add all other seasons and atlantis to it:D

Friday, november 10

I uploaded all my favorite music to the site!
I uploaded all my favorite music video's to my site, i hope you'll enjoy them:) pink floyd , 3 doors down , Toto and Brian adams!

sunday, november 5

Roller coaster tycoon XP fix added (dutch only)
ook het probleem dat roller coaster tycoon 1 niet op windows xp werkt? hier is de oplossing!

tuesday, october 17th

Band of brothers!
I've put ALL Band of brothers episodes on my site!Click here to go there!
band of brothers is a really impressive World war 2 series in 10 episodes by steven spielberg, you have to have seen it at least once in your life!

friday, october 6th

Futurama madness!
jup! its true, i'm mad! i've put ALL futurama episodes on my site!, thats 25 hours of futurama fun!Click here for futurama!

saturday, september 9th

If you like cats, don't forget to check out my cat site! i've just added 7 cute video's!
i've also added 2 new games to my arcade! Ninja nightmare and Swap A smiley, i'm going to add even more games when i have the time!

sunday, August 27th

I've had some complaints that fy_iceworld_arena is not working with bots .. i don't know why it doesn't work, but it's probably becouse of the new steam update.
You can try an alternative version of fy_iceworld_arena -> fy_iceworld_arenaX (with HDR) or fy_iceworld_arenaZ (no HDR), these versions do NOT have a hanging man in the middle, have NO awp and have more nades.
furthermore, i have a cool 85 script package in my shop(it's not empty anymore wewt!) on sale for $0.50!

wednesday, july 26th

I've made a lot of changes to the site, i've removed the iframes, added an online Traffic exchange, a Link exchange,and a really cool online chess program were you can invite others to play a game of chess via this site!

thursday, july 13th

Added a new webdirectory to the site:D
click here to go to the directory, feel free to add your site to it, it's free!

tuesday, july 11th

Added a cool arcade to the site:D
check out the arcade here:D

sunday, june 25th

Sorry for the recent downtime, we were experiencing some problems with the hosting, so we have switched hosting now, and everything should be okay.

friday, june 1th

New site nearing completion!!

thursday, may 25th

finished the projects page, and now working on other pages

wednesday, may 24th

added a new map to the projects, fy_iceworld_arena, check it out!, also made another map, fy_iceworld_arenaX it's the same as fy_iceworld_arena, but this one doesnt have any AWP, and it has more grenades.

Monday, may 22th

started working on the new site!