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dockable entertainment featuring game boy advance

Looking for the latest Nintendo® Game Boy® Advance games? Check out Nintendo’s official website for all the latest titles!


Learn more about the new Dockable Entertainment featuring Game Boy® Advance system.

Product Brochure (PDF - 580 KB)
Product Spec Sheet (PDF - 563 KB)

Portable Media Player Plays Nintendo® Game Boy® Advance video games, DVD movies, audio CDs, MP3 and WMA files.
Large Screen 10.2” flip-down screen
Wireless Headphones Sound from games, movies or music is directed only to whomever is using the system.
Visteon Wireless Game Controller Eliminates cumbersome cord tangling.
Top-Load Gaming Slot Allows for easy insertion and removal of game cartridges.
Multiple Player Capability High-speed, 6-pin, serial port lets you connect additional handheld Game Boy Advance systems. Using high-speed Game Link® cables, up to 4 can play with a multiplayer game.
Versatility Auxiliary input jacks permit use of other portable players, game units or camcorders.
Overhead Docking Station The portable media player docks with one easy click. Quickly and easily undock the portable media player and take it with you for added security.
Low-Profile Design Laptop-style design complete with 10.2” flip-down screen is perfect for overhead installation and integrates seamlessly with the vehicle’s design.
Integrates with Vehicle’s Audio System System utilizes the vehicle's existing audio system for improved audio output.
Compatibility Dockable player is compatible with all previous Visteon docking stations.
Economical One portable media player can be used in different vehicles. Simply install an overhead docking station in each vehicle.
the dockable entertainment featuring game boy advance

  • Multimedia Capability
    Plays Nintendo® Game Boy® Advance video games, DVD movies, audio CDs, MP3 and WMA files
  • Infrared Transmit/Receive Unit
    For remote control, wireless headphone, and wireless game controller usage
  • Auxiliary Jacks
    Input/output dual functionality
  • Wireless Headphones, Game Controller and Remote Control
  • Overhead Docking Station
optional equipment

  • Additional Wireless Headphones
  • Battery Charger/AC Adapter
  • Additional Battery
  • Audio/Video Accessory Connectors
  • Carrying Case

Nintendo�, Game Boy� Advance and Mario character are property of Nintendo, used under license.

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