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British Rowing Technique

Good technique is essential if you want to row safely and efficiently, as it reduces the risk of injury and helps you to go faster!

The ARA outlines the key principles of technique that apply equally to rowing, sculling or indoor rowing, in British Rowing Technique.

The actions of rowing occur in a smooth, continuous cycle, through performing each part of the stroke correctly. The parts of the stroke are;

  • The catch; the last part of the recovery , where the oars are placed into the water 
  • The drive; when the oars are in the water, and power is applied to move the boat
  • The extraction; the end of the drive, where the oars are taken out of the water
  • The recovery; when the oars are out of the water, and the preparation for the catch occurs

British Rowing Technique provides further details of the sequence of correct body movements and positions during each of these parts of the stroke cycle.

A British Rowing Technique poster is available for your club or gym, illustrating the correct technique, which you can use to compare your own technique against. Rowing Sculling Indoor Rowing