Animals on Defense

Welcome to our Animal Adaptations Web Page!

This site was designed to show you the difference in the way HUMANS and ANIMALS survive and how we use what we have to survive

We have cars, houses, air conditioning, heating and food whenever we need to go somewhere, cool off, warm up, or eat something yummy!

We also don't have to watch our back in fear of that BIG, Snarly, Sharp Toothed MONSTER that may eat us. Animals, on the other hand, have to constantly be aware of bigger and stronger predators. This is where their creativity comes in. They must use their survival instincts to stay alive. These survival instincts include: Camouflage, Hibernation, Migration, and Mimicry.

You will be amazed as you work your way through this site by the EXCITING things animals do just to stay alive!

Click on each defense to learn about the animals that use them.

Camouflage Protective coloration to aid an animal to survive in its environment.
Hibernation Escaping the harsh winter by hiding in a safe and warm place and then sleeping until it is warm again.
Migration Movement of animals to reach better conditions of temperature, food and shelter.
Mimicry A weaker animal copies a stronger animals' characteristics to warn off predators.

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