Sir Joseph Banks Group of Islands

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Flinders discovered the group of islands in 1802, and he named it after his patron, and the individual islands after places in Lincolnshire.

 This unique marine sanctuary, located 12 nautical miles south east of Tumby Bay is a breeding ground for a large variety of seabirds, sea lions, dolphins and fish; with the King George Whiting the most sought after.

 This beautiful chain of islands offers a range of sheltered bays, golden sandy beaches and reefs teeming with marine life.

A day or overnight trip with Tumby Bay Charters will provide you with a memorable and rewarding experience.

The Sir Joseph Banks Group of Islands

Sunrise at the Sir Joseph Banks Group of Islands

In the past, until 1972 some of the islands were privately owned sheep stations and one of the original homesteads on Reevesby Island is still there. Good crops of barley were also grown. There have been people on the islands since 1885.

Many years ago, until the bulk of their supplies ran out, the Spencer Gulf Fertilizer Company removed fertilizer

from the Islands. They built a 115 metre stone jetty on Marram Island where this operation was carried out. The Islands were then sold for game and wildlife preservation.
The Sir Joseph Banks Group Conservation Park which covers 18 of the 20 islands, were originally acquired to protect the Cape Barron Geese nesting area, the most important in South Australia. There are also the ruddy turnstones, visitors from the distant northern
Seals welcome the tourists
hemisphere beaches, the eastern reef egrets, the crested turns, the white faced storm petrels who arrive in November to burrow under vegetation at the cliff edges and the black faced cormorants are a few of the unique bird life which bird watching enthusiasts come to enjoy. Some islands have penguin colonies and chinchilla rabbits, and some are noted for the presence of snakes.

Landing a King George Whiting

Fishing, exploring the islands, studying nature are the common activities on the islands. Sea lions bask in the sun along the secluded beaches and dolphins frolic in the waters around numerous islands.

 The Islands are most famous for their fishing grounds and sport fishing. Some of the fish that can be caught are:
King George Whiting, Salmon, Tommy Ruff, Sweep, Flathead, Snook, Garfish and Snapper

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