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Find details on special GM Sponsored Auction sales and dealer promotions or learn about the newest GM Remarketing programs. We continually add new information, so please check back.

  • In February 50,000 vehicles will be offered at 84 sales. GM Sponsored Auctions will not only have a large number of vehicles for you to purchase, but will also offer a broad selection of makes and models. Watch for detailed information from your GM Sponsored Auction location.

  • GM recognizes Adesa Kansas City as 2006 Auction of the Year. General Motors has recognized ADESA Kansas City as its 2006 GM Auction of the Year award recipient. One of 41 GM Sponsored Auctions across the U.S., ADESA Kansas City was honored for its overall achievement in providing GM and its dealers with outstanding quality, service and value at GM Sponsored Auctions during 2006. "For the second consecutive year, I am pleased to present this award to Harold Chapman and the ADESA Kansas City staff," said Jeff Heichel, director of GM Used Vehicle Activities, in presenting the award on Monday. "The GM Auction of the Year award recognizes outstanding overall achievement in reconditioning, repairs and presentation of GM used vehicles to our dealers." Click here for photo.

  • Saab Financial Services' auctions for the first quarter of 2007. Click here for the 2007 1st quarter calendar.

  • Saab Automobile USA will be conducting the following auctions to sell Company Vehicles and Customer Buyback Vehicles. If you have any questions please contact the Auction or GM Remarketing Specialist listed below for each sale. The auction marketing department will have sale run lists and vehicle information available for you.
    • Thursday, March 8th at Manheim Auto Auction
      Auction: Lisa Tshudy at (717) 665-5827 in Marketing or Gail Killian (717) 665-5692
      Auction phone number: (800) 822-2886
      GM Remarketing Specialist is Rosemary Marciano
    • Thursday, March 15th at ADESA Golden Gate (during new GM closed sale day)
      Auction: Ken Garbez, Auction Asst General Manager: (209) 839-3902
      Auction phone number: (209) 839-8000.
      GM Remarketing Specialist is Mary McKeehan

  • Special Promotions

    • LOOK FOR THE SILVER THIS SPRING AT ADESA! Celebrate with ADESA and GM as all the ADESA auction sites host special Silver Sales -- scheduled exclusively in the Spring. ADESA's promotion celebration sales will culminate on May 2nd in Indianapolis, where the Grand Prize 1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette Indianapolis Pace Car will be given away! Look for details on ADESA Auction's GM Silver Anniversary giveaways and special transportation assistance programs during the promotion period. Click here for more details.

    • During January and February Utah Auto Auction will be offering transportation assistance to purchasing Simulcast dealers. Dealerships that are 300 miles from auction will be eligible for assistance with every vehicle purchased during these sales. Checks will be sent directly to the purchasing dealership on the Thursdays following each sale. Transportation assistance will be dispersed according to the following scale. Click here for more details.
      Miles to Auction Assistance Amount
      300-399 $100.00 per vehicle
      400-499 $110.00 per vehicle
      500-749 $120.00 per vehicle
      750-1000 $140.00 per vehicle
  • Crossline Buying for 2006 Model Vehicles Effective January 1, 2007:
    Crossline buying will be permitted for all titled 2006 vehicles with the exception of Saab USA company vehicles which may be purchased only by Saab line-make dealers. All vehicles on MSOs remain restricted to the appropriate GM line-make dealer.

    From January 1st to July 31st current model year vehicles (2007) may be purchased only by same line-make dealers except as noted below. This restriction does not apply to Repossession, SmartBuy and SmartLease vehicles. Only the same line-make dealer may purchase vehicles on an MSO.

    • Crossline Buying for 2006 Model Vehicles Effective January 1, 2007: Rental Vehicles only
      January 1st through July 31st, current model year (2007 is used as the "current" model year in this example) rental vehicles with 12,000 miles or more offered and not sold ("passed") on SmartAuction may be purchased by any GM dealer regardless of line-make the second time the vehicle is offered on SmartAuction. If the vehicle is not sold on SmartAuction and is then offered for sale at the GM Sponsored Auction, regular crossline buying rules are in effect. A rental vehicle with 12,000 miles or more that is offered for sale a second time at the GM Sponsored Auction may be purchased by any GM dealer regardless of line-make.

  • Certified Used Vehicles
    Beginning January 17th, 2007 GM Certified Used Vehicle Dealers can take advantage of the new GM Certified Used Vehicles Alternative APR Program. This special APR financing program offers special APR rates as low as 2.9% on Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra models for up to 60 months. In addition a special 5.9% rate is available for up to 60 month terms for GMC Envoy, Envoy XL, Envoy XUV, Envoy Denali, Chevy Trailblazer, Trailblazer Ext, Chevy Impala, Pontiac Grand Prix, Buick Rendezvous. Eligible vehicles for the alternative APR financing rates must be certified and sold to qualified customers by April 3, 2007. During this program period all other GM Certified Used Vehicles have special APR rates as low as 7.9% for up to 60 months depending on the credit tier.

  • Cadillac and Hummer Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles - Cadillac, Hummer and GMAC are pleased to offer a special financing program on all eligible certified pre-owned Cadillac and Hummer models sold from dealer stock to customers from January 19, 2007 through April 3, 2007. All eligible certified pre-owned Cadillac and Hummer models including CTS, DTS, STS, SRX, XLR, Escalade, EXT, ESV, DeVille, Seville, H2 and H3 are eligible. The program offers a customer finance rate of 3.9% (up to 36 months), 4.9% (up to 48 months) and 5.9% (up to 60 months) for GMAC-approved customers.

    For full program details refer to dealer message number VSM20071102 sent on 1/19/2007. Questions regarding GMAC Financing should be directed to the local GMAC office. Questions about the Cadillac or Hummer Certified pre-owned program may be answered by calling the Cadillac/Hummer CPO Support Center at 1-888-468-7338.

  • Have questions or concerns regarding GM FrontLine Ready vehicles? Call Peter Bleich, GM FrontLine Ready Manager, at 1-313-665-1027, or fax the information to 1-313-667-9393. All individual GM FrontLine Ready vehicle concerns are to be initiated by the appropriate purchasing dealership employee (i.e., service manager, used car manager, general manager, dealer principal, etc.) within 10 business days of purchase. Click here for Policy and Procedure information.

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