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Foamy The Squirrel Cartoons

These cartoons are the works of Jonathan Ian Mathers 2002-2007
Last Update: February 16, 2007 Latest Total: 129 Items (122 of which are official cartoons + 6 Special Releases)
Cartoons Play In Popup Screens, no annoying popup ads...2 little ads in the window to help cover costs!

Order Episodes By:
CatagoryRelease Dates
Ordered By Catagories
"Distractions" "Cemetery Flakes" "Coffee Stop" "Foamy Thoughts"
"Squirrel Talk" "A Postal Event" "Club Advice" "Gas E Pop"
"The Wallet" "Small, Medium, Large" "Coffee - House Propoganda" "Nuts To You"
"Free Your Mind" "Suggestion Box" "Squirrell Banter" "The Owner"
"Eye Stigmata" "Cloud Talk" "Beginner's Guide To Being A Bitch Hermit" "Passion of the zombies"
"E-mail Malady" "So I Said To My Doctor" "The Hatta" "Channels"
"Pancake Madness" "Kosher Crackers" "Dubbed In English" "Mexico Es Muy Bien"
"Solitaire Confinement" "Evil Corporate Zombies" "Once You Go Black" "Las Vegas Metal Fest promo"
"Open Mic Night" "Open Mic Night 2" "Medicated Baby Heads" "Yesterday Mail"
"Biggest Fear" "Fortune Cookie" "Useless Software" "Deck Waving"
"Word Association" "Letter To Santa"

Spells, Cults, Ect
"Hypnotic Foamy" "Super-Mystery Cult" "Spell-A-Casters" "Amityville Toaster"
"Amplified Bible" "Paper Back Bust" "Voodeedoo" "Summoning Santa"
"Foamys Card Cult" "First Meeting of the Card Cult" "Card Cult Update" "Inner Demons"

Fan Mail
"Foamy Fan Mail" "Foamy Fan Mail 2" "Foamy Fan Mail 3"
"Foamy Fan Mail 4" "Foamy Fan Mail 5" "Foamy Fan Mail 6"
"Foamy Fan Mail 7" "Foamy Fan Mail 8" "Foamy's Fan Mail 9"

"Foamy's Rant" "Foamy's Rant 2" "Foamy's Rant 3"
"Foamy's Rant 4" "Foamy's Rant 5" "Drugs In Your Head"
"Non-Holiday Special" "Dating Advice" "Fat-Kins Diet"
A-KON Special: "Rules For The Masses" "No Christmas For You" "Hurricane Report Katrina"
"Halloween Hoopla" "Hattas Rant" "Hattas Rant 2"
"Cell Phones And Car Ads" "CD's" "Restaurants"
"News" "Words And Phrases" "Battery Low"
"Accidents At Home" "Celebrities"

"Almost Serious Suicide" "A Musical View" "Squirrel Songs" "Squirrel Songs 2"
"The Fat Song" "Squirrel Songs 3"

"Tech-Support" "Tech-Support 2" "Tech-Support 3"

"Pen of Doom" "Shower of Terror" "The Lollipop" "5 More Minutes"
"Form Letter" "A Poetic Meal" "Meditational Melee" "Sacred Space"
"Elf Dreams" "Secret Admirer" "Sitcom Silliness" "Exotic Chocolates"
"Creative Issues" "Hospital Stay" "Kavorkian Scarf" "Do's and Don'ts"
"The Jiggily Butt" "A Pair Of Pants" "Handmade Clothes" "Unmentionable Auction"
"Lewd Lingerie" "Bra Bashing" "Germaines Webcam" "User Agreement"
"Writers Block" "Friedly Messages" "V-DAY"

"Halloween Hoopla" with Alt Gorey Ending "Begley's Beach Bimbo Sundae" "Squirrel Pulpy Fiction Thingy"
"Innuendo Stare-Down" "Maid-of-Horror" "Slice of Life"
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