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February 13, 2007

IT'S A BARGAIN: The clock is ticking

Le Parker Meridien Palm Springs

Starwood is running a Four Day Sale, with rates from $79/night all over the country, throughout 2007.

To impress upon you the urgency of making your booking, they've even put a little clock up on the information page. (As of this writing, there were just 85 hours left, just so you know.)

We sifted through the airport Sheraton/off ramp Westin dreck (Hello, not-quite-Providence!) to find five deals worth getting excited about. When booking, must mention the FOURDY rate plan.

1) $179 at The Atlantic Fort Lauderdale
Good for most periods between May and August, this five-star Luxury Collection property isn't the kind of place you want to pay a lot of money. At this price, go for it.

2) $150 at St. Regis Resort Aspen
Who could say no to this? Available April 5-30. Ain't much going on at that point, but it's still Aspen, and if you can't find something to do in the spring in Colorado, maybe you should never leave home again.

3) $125 at Le Parker Meridien Palm Springs
If you're asking, and you're not, but shut up and listen anyway, ain't nothing better for the summer doldrums than shaking off the humidity and drying off in the desert. Forget overpaying for a Hamptons share - check in here. Staff is dumb, but harmless. Property's beautiful. Plus, breakfast at Norma's West!

4) $169 at the W Seattle
A whole mess of spring weekends are going begging at this solid early entry in the growing chain. Tip: Draw your blinds at night, people! Folks staying at the Hotel Monaco across the street can see everything.

5) $99 at the Four Points Quebec City
Don't smirk - golf-course views, a nice location adjacent to the botanical gardens and that fancy new decor they're using in the Four Points rooms add up to a great deal for any April weekend.

Posted by David on February 13, 2007 10:37 AM

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