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February 05, 2007


SNEAKIEST REASON TO UPLOAD A CHEESE/BEEFCAKE GALLERY: We would have talked about the travel section but were too busy flipping through the photo gallery for Larry Rohter's up-front story on class segregation on Rio's beaches. Apparently, some of these people are rich and others are poor, but they all look like winners to us. (Now this is a story that takes us there!) [NYT]

TOO MUCH INFO: The "Sourcebook 2007" contains 18 pages of phone numbers and websites for international hotel chains. In case you forgot how to Google. The list of hot destinations to know says China's big, but another list also says don't forget places like Tulsa and Pittsburgh. Yes, sir. [LAT]

NOT ALL OF EUROPE IS PRETTY: Grandpa Al boards one of those Peter Deilmann river boats on the Upper Rhine and, as we often have, points out that in parts of West Germany, you might think you're sailing down the Passaic River. Points off for saying "there's the rub." Twice. [ChiTrib]

NOW YOU KNOW. AGAIN: Frequently asked questions answered. [WaPo]

Posted by David on February 5, 2007 08:10 PM

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