fastimes at moffatt high

i began writing this story the summer of 99, and finished writing it may of 01. the initial title was "fastimes at moffatt high" (fastimes, f@mh, or other such cute nicknames that were acquired during its tenure), but i think the title "boys of summer" probably would've worked out better. alas, it's probably best known as fastimes so i'm not going to change the title now. anyway, i've gotten email about it, friends have IMed me about it, etc, so i decided to put it back up for all of you :-) you know the drill: the story is fiction, not real, i don't know the band that was formerly known as the moffatts, none of this happened, blah blah blah. okay go ahead and read now.

chapter one: scott moffatt's day off
chapter two: hello, mrs. robinson
chapter three: dave science
chapter four: saved by the. . . bell?
chapter five: there's something about cameron
chapter six: the secret of scott's success
chapter seven: misty watercolored memories, of the way we were
chapter eight: i kissed a girl
chapter nine: rebel without a clue
chapter ten: something's coming
chapter eleven: animal house
chapter twelve: the bitchfest. . . erm, breakfast club
*chapter thirteen: the aftermath*
chapter fourteen: weekend at cleveland's
chapter fifteen: the morning after
chapter sixteen: girl you know it's true, ooo, ooo, ooo, i love you
chapter seventeen: the driving instructor from HELL
chapter eighteen: frankly scarlett, i don't give a damn
chapter nineteen: i know my calculus, it says u + me = ...hey, wait a minute...
chapter twenty: my angel is the centerfold
chapter twenty-one: the game of life
chapter twenty-two: open your heart to me
chapter twenty-three: take on me, take me on
chapter twenty-four: license to drive
chapter twenty-five: paradise by the dashboard light
chapter twenty-six: kiss me
chapter twenty-seven: what about bob?
chapter twenty-eight: i look at your pants, i need a kiss
chapter twenty-nine: weekend at cleveland's II
chapter thirty: sledgehammer
chapter thirty-one: spinning 'round and 'round over you
chapter thirty-two: it's usually some woman's fault
chapter thirty-three: hold me now
chapter thirty-four: don't dream it's over
chapter thirty-five: with or without you
chapter thirty-six: oops... she did it again?
chapter thirty-seven: hard habit to break
chapter thirty-eight: hello, toffee, well hello
chapter thirty-nine: hey jealousy
chapter forty: boys just wanna have fun
chapter forty-one: total eclipse of the heart
chapter forty-two: invasion of the body snatchers
chapter forty-three: the scandal(s?)
chapter forty-four: the scandal continues
chapter forty-five: he's so lucky, he's a star
chapter forty-six: pour some sugar on me
chapter forty-seven: clerks
chapter forty-eight: it's friday, i'm in love
chapter forty-nine: once bitten, twice shy
*chapter fifty: hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me*
chapter fifty-one: baby did a bad bad thing
chapter fifty-two: three men(?) and a baby
chapter fifty-three: we all fall down like toy soldiers
chapter fifty-four: bizarre love... quadrangle?
chapter fifty-five: right here waiting for you
chapter fifty-six: the grand illusion
chapter fifty-seven: trainspotting
chapter fifty-eight: i wanna know what love is
chapter fifty-nine: and we won't go down
chapter sixty: there is always something there to remind me
chapter sixty-one: weekend at cleveland's III
chapter sixty-two: the best i ever had
chapter sixty-three: great scott!
*chapter sixty-four: a box of rain*
chapter sixty-five: for just a moment
chapter sixty-six: i want your sex
chapter sixty-seven: rebel yell (he's backkkk)
*chapter sixty-eight: don't you forget about me*
chapter sixty-nine: labor day part 1 - time stand still
chapter sixty-nine: labor day part 2 - every breath you take
chapter sixty-nine: labor day part 3 - if you leave
chapter seventy: after the boys of summer have gone
epilogue: carpe diem

*contains adult content*

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