Update on the Results
February 13th, 2007
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Many of you have asked about the results of the contest and when they’ll be announced. While I can’t set a specific date as yet, I can say that we’re diligently working on getting all the apps installed and sorted out.  They will be in the judges hands in the next few days and we’ll go from there. We’re all anxious to see the winning app!
I sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience as we get through this last stage of the competition. I understand the time-sensitive nature of the prizes and we promise to not keep you waiting any longer than necessary. Thanks for bearing with us!

A Few More T-shirts Added + Competitor Icons
January 30th, 2007
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In response to the comments, I’ve added a few more options for PHP Throwdown t-shirts. Cafepress does have some limitations (as in not being able to print on the back of dark shirts) and I have some limitations (as in, I suck as a graphic designer), so if anyone has a better idea for a design and a burning desire to create something else, feel free to contact me at info _at_ phpthrowdown.com. You can see the shirts at http://www.cafepress.com/phpthrowdown.
Also, I’ll be e-mailing a small icon to all the competitors for them to display on their home pages or blogs or whatever. That way you can proudly say you had the gumption to complete the coding marathon (or at least participate in it). Team captains will be responsible for sending on the icons to their team members.
We’re still mucking our way through the submissions and I’ll be posting another update in a few days.

Get Your PHPThrowdown T-shirt
January 28th, 2007
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I’d been asked about this, so I thought I’d put something together for those who completed the 24 hour coding marathon. If you participated, then you’ve earned the right to buy one of the official t-shirts! And if you didn’t compete, but you still want a shirt, don’t worry, we won’t tell. The front of the shirts say “Yeah, I got what it takes.” (if you’re confused about that, note the tagline in our logo above)… and the back says “phpthrowdown 2007, 24 hours of pure coding madness.”
If t-shirts aren’t your thing, you can also get a coffee mug to commemorate the event.

I’ve set up a shop at Cafepress: http://www.cafepress.com/phpthrowdown.

PHPThrowdown is Done!
January 28th, 2007
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Wow, what can I say but w00t! The throwdown was a tremendous success and went off without any major problems. We’re still compiling all the final projects and I’ll be reporting some statistics about those (as in who was using what and how many competitors we had per category). I am excited to see what all has come of it.

I immensely enjoyed reading the live bloggers’ posts as they made their way through the 24 hours. All seemed to enjoy the experience in a masochistic sort of way, but that’s what it’s ultimately all been about. Coding just for the fun of it for as long as you possibly can. I wish we’d seen more live blogs from the competitors only because they were so fascinating and fun to read.
We’ll be sending around a feedback survey to the participants so we can make next year’s Throwdown even better. Once we get things sorted out, we’ll put together a timeline for when the winners will be announced. So bear with us as we work all this out.

I really have to acknowledge the efforts of Bill Barnett, my server admin, who singlehandedly managed to stay awake for the entire duration of all four Phases of the competition. He quickly and expertly addressed any concerns participants had and I am thoroughly impressed at his dedication to making this event such a success (especially since he ain’t getting paid a dime to do this :) ). Huge thanks go out to him, and next year we may even get him some help. Great job, Bill!

That’s it from our end for now. Stay tuned.

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