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Are you all shook up? Well that's all right mama. Maybe your hound dog is stuck on you and you want to get him off. If it's always on your mind, Elvis has booked into Heartbreak Hotel and is ready with the answers to your questions.
Have some fun with Elvis from BBC Five Live now

Don't miss your chance to download or sign up for Steve's Ask Elvis podcast! Featuring the latest wisdom as imparted by The King himself, in Ask Elvis!
Get it now!

Don't step on his Blue Suede Shoes   Pawn and Trailers

The origin of a pawnbroker's "three hanging balls" sign, where to find the serial number of your caravan and the king sings Iron Maiden and The Dukes of Hazzard.
Cuisine fit for the King   Sea salt, fish breeding and ice-cream head

"Ice-cream head" explained, fish-breeding advice, why the sea is salty plus Elvis sings Oasis, T-Rex and Sparks
Well u-huh!   Stan Laurel, brown cars and confectionary

Stan Laurel's early career, why nobody makes brown cars, chocolate ingredients set to music and Presley sings Proclaimers.
Elvis Presley   Comic Relief Special

Hear a special Comic Relief edition featuring Harry Hill, Amanda Holden and Joe Pasquale.
Elvis Presley   Elvis knows the answers!
Elvis performs a rendition of the Muppets Theme Tune and Kylie's seminal pop hit 'I Should be So Lucky'.

  Elvis knows the answers!
"Should I buy my girlfriend an otter?"

  Elvis sings Chas'n'Dave
Yap, yap, bunny, yap....Rabbit, Rabbit.

 Mr Motivator's Birthday
Elvis finally answers the question, "Just how old is Mr Motivator?"

 Elvis Sings Bagpuss
Do you know the names of all the mice in Bagpuss? Elvis does!

 Hokey Kokey
Elvis puts his left hand in, his left hand out, and shakes it all about.

 Cor Blimey Trousers
As worn by dustmen everywhere.
 Rhino Attack
Fend off rhinos with a box of matches.

 The Prime Minister and the King!
both on the same show!

 Great Uncle Bulgaria? Orinoco? Could you name all the Wombles and sing the theme tune?
Underground, overground, bumbling free...Elvis can.

 Do you know your Towns from your Hamlets?
Elvis does...

  Stairway To Heaven
Hear the King sing his right royal version of this classic Led Zepplin track.
Elvis Presley  Just how long does an Ant live for?

He may not be able to lift six times his body weight, but large or Small Elvis rocks them all! More Ant Facts

 The King displays his nautical muscle
Do you know when a boat becomes a ship? Elvis does...

 Ask and he shall sing....
Elvis has the answers you need and knows how to get them straight to your heart

 How do you get rid of Moles ....forever?
Elvis gives his top tip to humanely rid yourself of those pesky little furry garden raiders and much more!
Elvis Presley  Just exactly what is a Corn Dodger?
'They're real good' that's for sure - 'Ya fry 'em then you bake 'em ...yes sir!

  Can Elvis prevent the eventual end of the Universe?
Is he the King of Quantum Physics? Elvis certainly knows a good metal detector when he sees one ...

 Just who is Bob Banana?
Elvis tells us how this mystery fruit and veg man from Memphis worked his way into the lyrics of Teddy Bear...
Elvis Presley  How do I act if I'm caught in a stampede?
Elvis explains the eternal mystery of why dogs spin round before they lie down…and what size goose you should cook at Christmas!

  Which one's Ant and which one's Dec?
The King of Rock'n'Roll sheds light on the size of screws a kitchen fitter should use……and answers the perennial question, 'Why do fools fall in love'?

 Why don't birds collide?
Elvis explains all and more...for he is the holder of all knowledge...including a climbing-gear cliffhanger!
Elvis Presley  What should I feed my parrot?
Listen again as Elvis fields your questions about parrot food, second hand cars and puppy poo! Read more about Elvis at Sold on Song
 What do bakers put in their bread?
Elvis gives his top tips on how to get the best from your Yorkshire Pudding ....and apparently he does know the way to San Jose!

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