About the Foundation

The Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation came into being in August 2003 as a result of a merger between The Maurice Laing Foundation, founded by Sir Maurice Laing in June 1972 and The Rufford Foundation founded in June 1982 by John Hedley Laing.

Inheritor of the Planet

An 'Inheritor of the Planet' - the Foundation supports WWF's Private Reserves Network programme.

The Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation is a private grant-making trust. We are a member of the Association of Charitable Foundations and our charity registration number is 326163.

In 2005-6 funding was allocated as follows:

  • 62% to support sustainable projects aimed at protecting critically endangered wildlife, counteracting bio diversity loss and conserving the environment in partnership with local communities/stakeholders, predominantly in the developing world.  Through this proportion of the funding programme the Foundation funds the Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation.
  • 18% to support health and medicine projects including HIV/AIDS projects in the developing world and scientific research into the efficacy of complementary health treatments and their integration into general medicine.
  • 11% to support sustainable development work to relieve poverty overseas
  • 9% to social welfare initiatives in the UK

Should you be considering making an application to the Foundation under any of these headings, please first of all review the relevant areas of the site and in particular the section 'How to Apply'.