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The Thrills
The Thrills

"Um, well it was a different studio for starters. It was kind of similar 'cause it was in Hollywood again ..."

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Gavin DeGraw Gavin DeGraw
November 13, 2003

Dr. DeGraw? Could've been! Gavin tells High Voltage what he would do if he weren't a musician and more!

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The Killers The Killers
April 17, 2004

"We have some fans over there [England] and no one's really heard of us in America right now ..."

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Kill Hannah Kill Hannah
November 07, 2003

The Chicago boys show off their funny and somewhat cheesy side. Closet Avril Lavigne fans.

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Phantom Planet Phantom Planet
November 03, 2003

Secrets exposed: Did you know that ammonia is good for the skin? According to Alex and Darren it is!

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Steriogram Steriogram
April 24, 2004

Members of this New Zealand band take a break to grab a bite to eat, discuss touring, movies, and more!

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White Light Motorcade White Light Motorcade
April 17, 2003

These New Yorkers show us that men in black leather can love the Bee Gees and Abba too!

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