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Q 1. What does the Health Check symbol mean when I see it found on foods?

The Health Check symbol on food packages means the product has been evaluated to ensure it meets the Health Check program nutrient criteria for its category.

Q 2. Is the Health Check program only for people with heart problems?

No. The Health Check program is intended for all Canadians who want help making healthy food choices. It is based on Canada's Food Guide for Healthy Eating for people four years of age or older.

Q 3. Why do some foods not display the Health Check symbol?

There may be a number of reasons why not all foods bear the Health Check logo:

  • A company may be in the process of applying to the program.
  • The food may not meet the Health Check criteria specific to its food category.
  • A company may choose not to participate, even if the product could meet the criteria.
  • A company may only be interested in displaying the message and nutrition information.
  • Some Health Check food categories may not yet exist.
  • Foods that do not have the Health Check logo on their packages may be as nutritious as foods with logos.

Q 4. Should I only eat products identified with the Health Check symbol?

No. Foods that do not have the Health Check logo on their packages may be as nutritious as foods with a logo. Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating recommends eating a variety of foods from the four basic food groups and rounding out your diet by occasionally choosing from the 'other' group.

Q 5. Where can I find more information?

Review this website or contact us at healthcheck@hsf.ca.

Q 6. Do food manufactures pay to participate in the Health Check program?

Yes, the program is run on a cost recovery basis. Food manufacturers pay an annual fee for each product to cover the cost of administering the program. However, the use of the Health Check symbol on a food package is not an endorsement of that product by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Q 7. Will I have to pay more for products that bear the Health Check symbol?

The annual fee for participating in the Health Check program should not result in an increased selling price.

Q 8. Who created the Health Check program?

The Health Check program was created by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada in consultation with a dedicated group of experts from the fields of nutrition, education, medicine, communication and consumer goods. The Foundation has received letters of support from the Canadian Cancer Society, Consumers' Association of Canada and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society.

Q 9. Who is currently involved in Health Check?

For a complete listing of participating products go to: program participants

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