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Bloggers sued in Malaysia

The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad,
Kalimullah bin Masheerul Hassan, Hishamuddin
bin Aun and Brenden John a/l John Pereira have
jointly taken an order, via an ex-parte injunction
obtained in the High Court of Malaya Kuala
Lumpur (Civil Suit No. S6-23-3-2007) on January
11, 2007, against this blogger.

The abovementioned parties' application for an
injunction has been fixed for a hearing at the
same court on January 30, 2007 at 9.00am.

My lawyers are now taking care of it

Meanwhile, Screenshots was informed that
journo-blogger Ahiruddin Attan (Rocky's Bru)
has been served January 16 a Writ of Summons
and Statement of Claim by the New Straits Times
Press (Malaysia) Berhad and four others, dated
January 11.

The parties' application for an injunction against
Rocky has been fixed for a hearing on January
25, 2007.


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Aren't all these parties are from the money-losing [ DELETED ]?

Is [ DELETED ] funded by taxpayers' money?

Spread the words if money is needed.

Fight them! Fight them! Fight them!

JEFF OOI says: Please heed what Rocky's Bru says in his blog when he broke the news: "Unchartered waters. None of us have passed this way before, so I shall have to tread carefully. I'll need you to tread carefully, too, when you leave your comments.

we're all rallying behind you! :)

p/s: cheers for speaking to me this morning :)

Jeff, Rocky and Sheih,

I'm with all of you men.
When will they ever grow up and face you all like real man?

Why can't they just answer you back in their papers instead of running to the courts and crying foul?

Wish all of you the very best and wishing them, HELL.


Jeff, how can we help. Sorry coz I am not really well-informed in this legal stuff.

I suggest we all to do a protest outside the court on the court day. What u guys think?

Listen up guys!! I think the best way we can help Jeff and Rocky (at the same time send a clear message) is to start a legal defense fund raiser for them. Perhaps Malaysiakini can assist by utilizing its existing payment gateway and getting a proper trustee and auditor.

i second the fund ...

meanwhile holding the protest outside the court is a no-no ...

it is not the court's problem ... but the complainants whom are saying they have been defamed and as a result they are taking an action against bloggers for libel

What the f? what the hell are those people with no character r suing you for man?

Because u said that they plagarized? i hope this better be good efore people spit on their faces.

Man For the life of me i cant think whats happenin to this country.

May the force be with you Jeff. Dont even move an inch. If they thought that they can move us the blogging community withthose thich papers...lets prove it to them that we have character and speak the truth in the name of God and that s the difference betwen them and us. Let them see. And Let see.

Guys, Maybe we need to establish an account and get the best lawyers to defend the bloggers and to take care of their rights,

Point noted.

Was partly venting out my frustration with the situation that we are in. The news reported by the mainstream sources often not as what I experienced personally. If the small voices from inside the country are silenced, I will have to listen to the foreigners to know about our country. This is too much for me to accept.

You guys have my support.

yes, I am all for starting a legal fund. Shy to say that I am not tech-savvy enough to start one electronicly though.

Sued? ceh..don't worry Jeff, i'm with you... i bet there are so many people will stand with you..

I second the fund for Jeff and Rocky. Jeff/Rocky, if you oblige to our gesture, please let us know how, and I hope our small contribution could help.

I reckon Jeff can't say what issue's he's being sued on, but maybe we can start a speculation game on the web, revisiting all the dirty linen involving the past year!

So which are the cases being probed, the plagiarism thing surely as [ DELETED ] must be sore? Or is it the 'who invited who' scandal much earlier last year?

In the meantime, while our pressmen are busy suing bloggers (??!!!), lets hope they're not allowing our country turn into this:

Hi Jeff

Be strong and ride every storm. No matter how strong the storm is, it will blow over. After the storm, the sky is blue and the air is clean.

I join hands with the good people here to give you support, money or otherwise.

Dear Jeff / Rocky / Shieh,

Just indicate what we can do to help. And when we can help ... given the legal implications.

You guys are not alone. And will never have to walk alone.

at times like this it makes you wonder if what you are fighting for is worthy or not.

to not waste all the suffers that bloggers like rocky, shieh and jeff is facing... PLEASE VOTE WISELY IN THE NEXT ELECTION!

I have no comment. I am broke and unemployed but in your case I am willing to spare whatever I have. You must fight them in court and out of the court.

I dont think you require a lawyer for this suit. Just place the summons on the blog and those who frequent the blog from the legal fraternity will advise you on how to overcome the situation. No doubt there may be a vast differene of opinion. But this may be the first time a defendant is supervised using the internet.


are the two of you legally unable to reveal which are the 48 posts in question? i think knowing which ones they cited would go along way in generating public discourse or at least letting the people judge whether or not the posts were defamatory or not...

that is, if all the above is not sub-judice.. is it?

we're with you, hang in there!!

BE BRAVE and lets ALL brave this together with our fellow freedom bloggers!

Please let us know how to contribute.

No matter how small, when it adds up, it will be as big as a mountain. 'Sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit'


we're behind you and rocky. as fellow supporters have suggested, if we can help with the fees, etc, just let us know.

you'll be alright.

What does rally behind you mean? Moral supprt? Legal support? Financial support? Now we know the resposnsibility, and not just free rides.

we will be behind you, jeff and rocky ... dont stop blogging... once stop, we lose

sorry to hear about this turn of event, jeff.

though many have forgotten about the rumour of the bet about a lawsuit coming your way, i must admit that i have been counting the days.

things always happen when they are least expected as in this case. what can i say? disruptively, this suit could bankrupt you and i'm sorry to say that you will need the best legal team to defend you. known libel suits in malaysia can run into millions of ringgit in court awards.

hang in there, brother, and take care.

Attila the Hun: "rally behind you" means giving jeff more than a blog comment and spreading the word.

You have my support Jeff (and Rocky too).


We are with you, Rocky & Sheih all the way.

Please let us know how to contribute.

Bloggers United. No Fear!

Jeff, according to Sun Tzu's Art of War, the best form of defense is to attack. That said, you should counter sue back the parties for libel. Also, get TDM to join you in a libel suit for the 24 (can't remember the number) questions for TDM.

No matter what is said, all the agreements were signed and agreed by the Cabinet, all of which save for those who passed away or retired are still in the Cabinet. To imply that it was TDM alone who signed all the one-sided agreements is Libel.

in some strange and pervasive way, I agree with peace2all on this.

Although I do not agree with *a few* of Jeff's stand in here, I certainly think that it has casted some dark spot in internet's freedom of speech and blog like Screenshot shouldn't be intimidated with things like this - I just hope that during this time, there will be a pool of lawyers who will volunteer to foot some legal cost (if not all) in cases like this. That way, many more (with responsibility of course) people will come out and be more loud whilst maintaining the content integrity (not mere hearsay).

I must say that I am fully behind of you Jeff in the name of freedom of speech etc, although I foresee that it doesn't really help that much ;) - but what else can be done..? Not a lawyer nor freaking rich.

There is nothing to worry,Jeff. I am quite sure you are not really worried.
Those who are sueing could not stomach and accept facts and some guts shown by you and a few others like you.The comments from bloggers must have realyy upset them.
As the saying goes, if you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen and that is what some of them did!
They must realise that Malaysians are changing, becoming braver, wiser . We cannot be taken for a ride anymore. Our politicians well advised to remember that.
Carry on, Jeff. We will be with you

Again, Malaysia in the international news headline, for the wrong reason.

Oh okay hehe.. another note:

TDM's stand on enemy/friend is simple: It is not enough if you support me, you have to hate my enemy as well eg those who paid a visit to Anwar Ibrahim are considered as enemies to TDM even though he may not support Anwar's cause. Yes that also paints TDM as very strong political leader (and close to dictator).

Likewise in parallel, the so-called cabinet concensus decision (especially during TDM's tenure) is just lain stupid wayang. Ministers who dont support TDM's decision were simply 'carik nahas' and to play safe and jaga periuk nasi masing2, they would just utter: okaylah...

Err Chief...you have our support.

Greetings, Brothers! I have no money and no power but I can always give my support in writing. Nowadays, there are more cowards out there with no balls. I hope Rocky's Bru will manage to get through this. Pray to Him, brother! It occurs to me that 'they' just won't let us speak our mind if that could threaten 'them' and their positions, power and whatever they stole from the Rakyat. not only the opposition party leaders are harmed, even bloggers are not spared. Their act is similar to running back to mama because somebody has called them names or whatever. What a bunch of sissies! Whatever it is, we should not stop to "taruh kau kau" if they deserve it. This battle shall continue.

If you remembered that AI appeared on the BBC Talkshow - Hard Talk. He went on to say how he was against certain of TDM decision and so on. The host asked him repeatly just one question "If you were against it, why didn't you resign. Same applies to the Cabinet members. I won't go on as it will side track already.

Jeff, winning in Court 75% who has more money, 25% who is right. I am sure that there will be experienced Lawyers who will represent you on a pro bono basis.

Sorry for being a bit off-topic:

The reason for AI not to resign for simply not agreeing to some TDM's decisions is simple actually:

You cant live on this world based on pure black and white: You dont agree, you resign. You agree with me all, you stay. Once you dont agree, please resign. Is that so? Rather it is like 'give and take' - need for more explanation?

Hi Jeff,

Dont give up.
I shall gather my circle of friends to pool resources to contribute to your legal fund if any.

anything we can do to help,... anything at all

just ask

The big bullies will not try to sue the BBC. Jeff Ooi, Sheih and Rocky are their convenient targets.

I'll chip in if our bloggers launch a campaign for legal fund.

Although I do not always agree with your opinions, I appreciate and respect your point of view.

You have my support too.

Hang in there jeff.
You have my support.
If you have a legal fund account no, let me know.

If all of us opened up our own blogs and copied what ever was published in Screenshots as well as in Rocky's Bru, will NST then sue all of us too?

gud luck :)

let us all chip in for a legal fund!

by the way, can we sue [ DELETED ] also for spinning lies? Afterall, we have to pay rm1.20 to read and not get lies in return.

may the force be with you......

You have our support in this, Jeff and Rocky. But the question I'd like to ask is this: Does the prosecution have a clear-cut case against the both of you, or is it some maneuver designed to keep you from writing against them for the time being? I'm supposing it's the latter. Or at least I hope.

Hi Jeff,

Putting in some lines as my support to you. Don't mind chipping in for your legal defence. Their dalangs are more and more desperate as election is nearing. You're representing the majority of the rakyat now.

Jeff if you set up a donation fund for your legal fees I will be the first to contribute. Good Luck

Behind you, Rocky and Shieh. Mr. Lim Kit Siang....why the elegent silence?


LKS already blogged about it within hours Jeffooi announced this officially.

Starting a legal fund may be a good idea. Both of you have my full support. Keep up the good work. It's good that we are moving forward and they are going backwards.

let us start a fund raising, collect money and fight for jeff and gang, when and where is the hearing. I'll give my 100% support.

Fund apart.. the very basic show of protest can come in the form of refusing the RM1.20 for the papers they slave for.

Stop buying [ DELETED ] is a good way to protest. These men are responsible for the papers they represent; thus the hundreds or thousands of good employee in [ DELETED ].

[ DELETED ] has carved a bad name for Malaysia.

I support both of you and will contribute to the legal fund.

I shall also support a legal fund with my small contribution.

turut sama menyokong Screenshots dan Rockybru. Jangan berputus asa :)

Yes guys, walk the talk. Boycott [ DELETED ] if you do not agree with what they are doing. No matter how small the action, it is better than no action talk only.


I meant to know "how to" in terms of organizing, and more than cognizant of a mere commentary.

The 'pull' factor of blogs in Malaysia has been played by a lot of us to somewhat of a cathartic electronic grafitti function, and that free ride for the rest of us means we have to pay our dues. And not let one guy the blogger, take the rap for standing up exposed to the slings and arrows off outrageous fortune.

Jeff you have my e-mail addy and you know where I am, please let me know how I can helpp, mobilising with Seattle and the Beckman Center?

Yeah,dont just talk only,do sth. talk is too cheap.

At least we must do wat azk said -> stop buying xxx

I support u , Jeff Oooi. Someone need to be the one to reveal the truth and stop the lies. Why don'y NSTP sued BBC news then ?? they are the one who first reported about Brenden Pereira plagarism accusation. why sued Jeff ooi and Rocky blu only? sued BBC Too!

Be strong Jeff. U have our support.

Well. personally i have settled some litigation.

court process is so slow in malaysia. I think its public domain knowledge, so no need to cut me out.

Slow= time/money/health consuming. Beside its always disadvantaged for individual against corporation.

best solution is settle out of court. call plantiff out and cakap cakap. start with gentleman-like and be gentleman-like to get to the bottom of things, its good for both parties.

But if they dont wanna be gentleman, you can turn into an irrational as well. hehe. Get the world of bloggers around the world to focus on Malaysia, focus on XXX.

Corporations can afford to lose $$$ but not reputation, not "face".

Imagine CNN/BBC interview PM of Malaysia regarding a GLC libel suit on a tiny blogger.

Or picture this:
mention "Malaysia" to foreign tourists and they reply "oh thats the country that you might get sued for blogging"

Anyway, its good to be gentleman-like for both parties.

dear jeff, rocky & shieh,

the time is always right to do what is right. either we all swim or sink together. btw: this is good promo for visit malaysia 2007 year!:) the world is watching! i'm in for a common fund and anything else that needs to be done.


Now I know there is another 'Malaysia' in Malaysia....
Go Jeff, Go! I'm definitely send u some $$$$ towards ur cause!!!

I can't comprehend why all this is happening. It's been one bad news after another for us citizens. What has gone wrong with this country? I don't know what I can do but I'm willing to help out in whatever way I can.

I am also a victim when Defamation can be a tool to threaten those who demands fairness for rectification of Housing Problems via the legal system.

Unfortunately, I am not Jeff nor Rock!!

I believe Legal fund will surely pour in. However, please consider one as "Symbolize Your Support-Send in your RM10" or similar. I hope this also serves to count a VOTING while fund rising. Any surplus should be a funding to start a Legal Aid Centre Against Threats to Human Rights. It will not only to help those deserved but to keep those urgently needed Legal Advisors to continue further fight against Bully Defamation Suit or HR who can be anyone with power and/or finance.

Awaiting the Account No.!!

Malaysian to Support Free Speech on - a basis to ensure Human Right!!!


Jeff, rocky & shieh,
I support u knowing the fact that if I keep quiet soon one day this will happen to everyone of us !

INTERNET does not operate in a legal vacuum.
Read this before you post a comment in this blog!