Bancroft Arnesen Explore ~ Arctic Ocean
February through June, 2005
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Bancroft Arnesen
Explore - Arctic Ocean

Interested in outdoor adventure with people of all ages, backgrounds and physical abilities? There is no better place to find amazing outdoor adventure than our friends at Wilderness Inquiry.

Ann and Liv will bring students along on their Arctic expedition through web updates, Journeys Toward Peace Curriculum and activities for Girl Scouts at their new website:

Bancroft Arnesen Explore is dedicated to sharing Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen's journeys to inspire people to realize their true potential.We share stories of hope, courage, perserverance and growth in an effort to prove that anything is possible. BAE education programs are availible at launching this February.

See Possibilities - Seize Opportunities - Succeed

Slideshows, Movies and More

What's Your

A gallery of movies, features and slide shows to give you a closer look at Ann and Liv and their Expeditions. Learn what motivates Liv and Ann. It's your chance to travel with Ann and Liv without leaving your chair.

Liv and Ann encourage you to find your expedition. Explore.. Be active. From time to time we'll highlight "expeditions" large and small undertaken by members of the yourexpedition community.


Take a moment to read and draw inspiration from others around the world. If you'd like, tell us about your expedition or send Liv and Ann a message.

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