"I have been a dedicated Max user for about 5 years now, and just made the switch to Blender. In a week of learning I have been turning out renders better than I have with Max. I know the software really pretty well now. I love it! it feels really natural."

Murphy Randle, CopperRain Productions

"Since in many design decisions, Blender has proven to be years ahead compared to other 3D apps (excelent example is the UI with the non-overlaping windows, the widgetless transforms, etc. resulting in a nearly

unsurpassed workflow), I see the flexible and elegant solution of a non-linear undo system (which is, in a large part, already implemented) as a possibility once again to show the 3D world the farsightedness of Blender's design."

Goran Kocov, developer

"As an animatic artist working in the storyboard department of Spider-Man 2, I used Blender's 3d modeling and character animation tools to enhance the storyboards, re-creating sets and props, and putting into motion action and camera moves in 3d space to help make Sam's vision as clear to other departments as possible.

Blender has helped me personally to transition from 2d to 3d animation; and the skills I acquired using Blender have transferred well into other 3d packages. The fact that Blender is a free program is utterly amazing to me."

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Anthony Zierhut, Animatic Artist, Los Angeles


Blender is the first and only fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite allowing modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, realtime interactive 3D and game creation and playback with cross-platform compatibility - all in one tidy, easily and free downloadable package! "Blender is quickly being transformed from an impressive 3D creativity tool to a full-blown games and new media design application."

Garrick Webster, Editor, Computer Arts Magazine


"I must tell you that last weekend Blender saved me. I have a contract to make a bridge walk simulation and using Microstation as a source and Bryce as a renderer I was way too far from completing the job on the deadline. Single frame on K6/300 was rendering in 4 days. And I needed about 3000 of them. Blender with exactly the same scene tool under 2 hours to do them all (on P3/1GHz running Oxygen GVX1-Pro).


"Blender is revolutionizing the way we do 3D at my design and animation studio. I have found Blender easy to use, intuitive and especially quick to implement."

Micheal Thoenes, CreationAnimation, USA


"Using evolutionary and revolutionary software such as Blender, and adding the user's imagination, creates amazing work."

Shigeto Maeda, graphic designer and teacher

Tokyo Kasei University


"There is no other piece of software that has contributed as significantly to the popularity of my classes. Thank you."

Bill Kingsland, Vancouver College, Canada