Where is Finse, Norway???

For the past year and a half Ann and Liv have been using the area around Finse, Norway for their training grounds...but where the heck is it?

Finse is the name of the highest railway station on the railway line connecting Bergen and Oslo.

Finse isn't a city - it's made up of one hotel, the railway station and a number of surrounding buildings.

The railway station is located on the highland plateau named Hardangervidda .

This huge mountain area divides Norway into the western and eastern part, and it contains several different mountain ridges and peaks of great interest for both skiers and hikers.

Yes, Finse does look familiar...

If the terrain in these small photos looks strangely familiar, you may be seeing it for a second time.

Finse was the location used for the filming of the Ice Planet Hoth sequences of Star Wars Episode IV, The Empire Strikes Back.

So... Where Do Liv and Ann Stay?

Liv and Ann have had all their stays at the hotel Finse 1222 (1222 = meters above sea level). If you are inclined to travel to this area take a look at their website, http://www.finse1222.no