Draft This

by Jack Duggan
by Jack Duggan

The Health Care Personnel Delivery System (HCPDS) was approved by Congress in 1987. All it needs is a signature from the US President and a war. Probably any "war" will do, such as that with Iraq or declaring a "terrorist attack" an act of war, even by an unknown individual or group. Perhaps even in the face of a "possible" terrorist threat by "possible" terrorists. Look at who gets to decide whether a person is a terrorist threat.

The HCPDS was enacted to "provide a fair and equitable draft of doctors, nurses, medical technicians and those with certain other health care skills if, in some future emergency, the militaryís existing medical capability proved insufficient and there is a shortage of volunteers."

At an unknown future date (soon?) the Selective Service System will "...begin a mass registration of male and female health care workers between the ages of 20 and 45. They would register at local post offices. HCPDS would provide medical personnel from a pool of 3.4 million doctors, nurses, specialists and allied health professionals in more than 60 fields of medicine." Right now the SS claims it's in a "standby mode," at least until after the next election.

Selective Service? And here I thought that was a moldy bureaucracy doing the bidding of nasty old men to send poor kids to war so that their rich kids could stay in Yale and Harvard. In WWII Germany the SS made sure that their war facilities also stayed filled with slave laborers.

The SS doesn't say what the penalties are for the majority of medical workers who will tell them, "Hell NO we won't go!!!" The government hopes that the cattle mentality they drilled into them at publik skools will now pay off and that most of them will meekly register because "...itís the law." Just like black slavery was once the "law."

Is the government so out of touch with reality that they actually believe that an unconstitutional draft can make nurses and physicians willingly accept $4 per hour for their skills while they lose their homes, cars, and families? Notice that the fat-cats in government get to keep their salaries, homes, families and positions.

The Fed always has the same cure for everything: confiscation. Confiscation of money, services, systems and now, slaves. The masters have not changed, they just moved off the plantation to Washington, DC, using the cruelest whips of all, "laws" passed for their own benefit and empowerment.

Now, the SS is fixing to draft doctors, nurses and technicians just like Abraham Lincoln did with 300,000 poor kids in New York, to force them at gunpoint to kill other poor Americans during the Civil War. Of course, during a "large-scale biological attack," only military casualties are important, so to hell with our families, especially our children who the military is supposed to protect. Without enough doctors and nurses the government will just let them die so it can go on to kill even more.

You of the medical community, when are you going to get the message? All you have done is suck up to the same government that pushes relentless and ruinous regulation of your profession as if it knows anything about healthcare. Since the Fed enslaved you as a profession, it's no wonder that it has now established actual slavery over you individually, since not one of you told it to go to hell years ago when it began its takeover of medicine – all in the name of good, or course.

So get ready to walk away from that three-year-old writhing on the gurney before you, she's simply expendable; time to leave for the battlefield to keep the killing going. After all, the Hippocratic Oath is irrelevant to the hypocrites you allowed to encircle you with their chains.

So, don't forget to be patriotic, wave your flags and sing God Bless America when the SS soon begins "a mass registration of male and female health care workers between the ages of 20 and 45...at local post offices." (So that's why the price of a stamp keeps going up.)

Don't forget to vote in the next election for the same patriots that brought you the SS and the draft, Democrat or Republican, it doesn't matter, since each holds but one side of the handcuffs behind your back.

July 28, 2003

Jack Duggan [send him mail] lives in Fort Apache (Hamilton, New Jersey, site of the anthrax mailings) with his family. He thinks everyone who loves their country and not the government should honor only the original U.S. Colonial flag with its thirteen stars and stripes.

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