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Timeline of SRI International Innovations


Learning more about the evolution of today's science and technology advances is a valuable way to better understand the speed and scope of change. For 60 years, SRI International has been a pioneer in the research and development of technology - and looks forward to helping shape the future.

In 2005, Don Nielson, who spent nearly 40 years at SRI in a variety of research and management roles, authored A Heritage of Innovation: SRI’s First Half Century. The book concentrates on 50 of the more than 50,000 projects that the institute has completed.

Use our timeline to discover more about SRI's role in the early days of the personal computer and Internet, our innovative work in robotics and imaging, and new advances in cancer treatment and other illnesses. Along the way, you'll discover more about just how far technology has come and where it may take us tomorrow. Also visit our history timeline to learn about the key events in SRI's creation and development.

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