2007 Science Fiction Short Film Festival

On February 3, 2007, the annual Science Fiction Short Film Festival was held at the Seattle Cinerama Theatre. Organized by the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame (SFM) in partnership with the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), the sci fi festival played to a sold-out crowd for the second year in a row.

Out of a field of dozens of entries, the best short science fiction films were selected from around the United States and from as far away as England, Australia, and Taiwan. A jury of media professionals selected the best films of the 20 screened. At the festival, filmmakers answered audience questions while the crowd voted on their favorite film.

The call for submissions for the 2008 Science Fiction Short Film Festival will be announced on the SFM and SIFF web sites.

And the winners were:

Grand Prize
A pitch meeting with SCI FI Channel executives for a chance to potentially write or direct a two-hour film for the network.

Director: Valerie Weiss (USA)

A Clockwork Orange meets Pleasantville in this sci-fi short set against the backdrop of a utopian society that idolizes celebrity assasins called Agents. Carl Phillips dreams of giving his young son a “better” life by sending him to Agent Training Camp. His wife Sophie doesn’t share the same dream and does the unthinkable to save her son from a life of murder.

Second Prize

The Un-Gone
Director: Simon Bovey (UK)
Matter transporters are a reality, and the Trans-Trip Corporation, controllers of this technology, provide the gateway to a new life for Julian Salinger and his wife Maya.

Third Prize

13 Ways to Die at Home
Director: Lee Lanier (USA)
Poison toads. Bad mushrooms. Missing socks. Carpet leeches. So many ways to die at home!

Douglas Trumbull Award for Best Special Effects

13 Ways to Die at Home
Director: Lee Lanier (USA)
Poison toads. Bad mushrooms. Missing socks. Carpet leeches. So many ways to die at home!

Audience Favorite

Maklar, Anyone?
Director: Phil Guzzo (USA)
Juliet, the latest communications officer recruit to a Star Quest DS fan club is not sure what she’s gotten herself into. She can’t seem to help butting heads with the leader of the club, the juvenile and obnoxious Captain Mansley. He and the rest of his gang have pushed her to the brink. And then there’s Mathew, he seems nice if a little out of place. Does he like her? Will Juliet’s mission interfere with her social life? Will the rest of the club discover her secret? And can she get a date while the fate of the known universe hinges on a cocktail weenie?

Other films shown were:

Atomic Banana
Director: Erik Kling (USA)
Under the sinister eye of Dr. Seymour Heintzenfrauser, a mentally enhanced chimp struggles to create a giant banana using an atomic sythesis machine.

Director: Marcos Soriano
A parapalegic computer hacker creates an artificially intelligent program which quickly grows out of his control.

The Inedible Bulk
Director: Mad Martian (USA)
A broccoli farmer whose own children hate broccoli invents a plant hybridization machine in an attempt to make broccoli taste better so kids will eat it. He accidentally activates the machine while inside, transforming him into "Broccoli Man," crusader against "fatty, disgusting, unhealthy foods."

Director: William Coughlan (USA)
A campaign appearance by an up-and-coming politico takes a turn for the bizarre, and only one woman sees the truth. But will anyone believe her?

Fantastic Fortune
Director: Mike Fisher (USA)
In this astounding tale, an asteroid miner discovers the most valuable asteroid in the galaxy! If all goes according to plan, he’ll soon be the richest man in the solar system.

F*ck You, Pay Me
Director: Christopher Derrick
In this near-future world where excessive consumer debt is a felony, a police division has been established to track down delinquent debtors. Clay, a new Debt Enforcement Officer, wrestles with the moralities of the changing society.

The Realm
Director: Josiah Pitchforth (USA)
In the future, Nathaniel Harper is hired to enter virtual reality games and retrieve the minds of those who are lost.

Director: Robyn Ewing (USA)
A shiny spaceman and his doppleganger have landed on the beach just under the flight path at LAX. He-they can't quite find their way back to Planet Big Green Ball -- because the orb has followed them to Earth! He-they run around a bit, exercise, and sit on a suitcase awaiting a big green clue.

Haunted Planet
Director: Danielle Stallings
A woman and her male friend are convinced that reality is a nightmare -- his nightmare, in fact. This is the best explanation for all of the atrocities in the world. They resolve to end the nightmare and the attendant evils of the world, by waking him up... or killing him.

Life Signs
Director: Tim Sumner (Australia)
Life, love, death, robots, and rock ‘n’ roll.

Project K.A.T.
Director: Eric Pham
Project K.A.T. (Ka- Egyptian for Second Spirit, A- Artificial, T- Thermoid) is a cyborg assassin who seeks to avenge the death of her previous body.

TV Man
Director: Samuel Jørgensen (USA)
In a dystopian world filled with TV advertisements, a worker falls in love with a woman in an elevator. How can love exist in a world devoid of emotion?

Director: Yuting Hsueh
Spaceship Mizar encounters and impacts with meteoroid on Saturn orbit. Her crew has little control when the ship plunges into Saturn atmosphere at high velocity...

Director: Martin Gauvreau (UK)
The night before the invasion of Poland, Agnieszka found the box of eternity. From this brief relief came enough light that for a moment she could bear to breathe, but her destiny was already sealed.

The Tragical Historie of Guidolon the Giant Space Chicken
Director: Frank Wu
This is a movie about a giant space chicken making a movie about a giant space chicken.

Face Machine
Director: Justin Simms (Canada)
A scientist fights to gain intimacy with his lover in an ecologically unstable world where faces are banned and masks must be worn in order to breathe.