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Dream in Action

the beauty of your smile your smile
in crystals crystals of velvet
the velvet of your voice your voice and
your silence your absorbent silence
absorbent like snow snow
warm and slow slow is
your walk your diagonal walk
diagonal desire dusk downy and floating
floating like plaints plants
are in your skin your skin
tousles it tousles your scent
your scent is in my mouth your mouth
is a thigh a thigh which takes flight
it flies toward my teeth my teeth
devour you I devour your absence
your absence is a thigh a thigh or
a shoe a shoe that I kiss
I kiss this shoe I kiss it on
your mouth for your mouth is a mouth
it isn't a shoe mirror that I kiss
just as your legs just as
your legs just as your legs just
as your legs your legs
legs of sigh sigh
of vertigo vertigo of your visage
I step over your image like one steps through
a window window of your being and of
your mirages your image its body and
soul your soul your soul and your maze
amazed I am amazed maze of your
hair your hair aflame your soul
aflame and tears like the toes of
your feet your feet on my chest
my chest in your eyes your eyes
in the forest the liquid forest
liquid and in bone the bones of my screech
I scratch and I screech my distressing language
I dissever your arms your arms
delirious I desire and dissever your arms and your socks
bottom and top of your trembling body
trembling and pure pure like
the shower like the shower of your neck neck of
your eyelids the eyelids of your blood
your blood caressing throbbing trembling
trembling and pure pure like the flower
flower of your knees of your nostrils of
your breath of your stomach I say
stomach but I am thinking of the shade
of the shade of the shadow shadow of
the secret the marvelous secret marvelous
like you
you sleepwalking under the umbrella and shadow
shadow and diamond it's a
diamond which swims which swims swimmingly
you swim swimmingly in the water of
matter of the matter of my spirit
in the spirit of my body in the body
of my dreams of my dreams in action


Translated by Michael Tweed and Raphaëlle Dedourge.
From Le Rêve en Action, Héros-Limite, Ghérasim Luca, José Corti 1995.

Copyright Michael Tweed 1999.


For more information on Ghérasim Luca, please visit José Corti website. To see a video of Ghérasim Luca reading from Héros-Limite please go to



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