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  About Thames Valley Police
News & information

Working with our communities to reduce crime,
disorder and the fear of crime.

Thames Valley Police is the largest non-metropolitan police force in the country. Covering the 2,200 square miles of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, we patrol 196 miles of motorway - the largest stretch of motorway in Britain - and serve a population of 2.1 million, plus six million visitors who come every year in search of history, royalty and a day at the races.

Our turf covers a diverse area, from the new town of Milton Keynes in the north, to the historic town of Windsor in the south, from the dreaming spires of Oxford to the silicon valley of Bracknell and the largest industrial estate in Western Europe at Slough. These areas are policed by around 4,165 police officers, 360 Special Constables, 420 volunteers, 3,150 police staff, and around 135 Police Community Support Officers who work to keep the Thames Valley safe and peaceful.

Close work with the communities we serve, our many partners in local authorities and the criminal justice system remains at the core of our role and our aims. By working together we can use a problem-solving approach to increase safety, convict and deter offenders and be tough on crime and criminals.

The Thames Valley area also plays host to a wide variety of events, including: Reading Festival; football matches in Wycombe, Oxford, Reading and MK Dons; the Henley Royal Regatta; Newbury and Ascot races; and state visits at Windsor Castle. Our Protection Group officers deal with the largest protection commitment outside the Metropolitan Police area, including the Prime Minister's country residence at Chequers, the Duke of York's residence and the private homes of a number of past and present MPs and ministers. Last year, in addition to special events, our Protection Group officers spent around 4,510 hours at VIP and royalty commitments, 288 hours at military commitments, and 8,323 hours carrying out category A prisoner escorts - deemed necessary if the prisoner is vulnerable or an escape risk.

At Thames Valley Police we want our staff to be approachable and visible to the diverse communities we serve. We now have some 68 police buildings open to the public, and 61 are deemed to have suitable access for people with disabilities. We will continue to develop new ways to give our communities greater accessibility to our officers and services.

Thames Valley neighbourhood policing went live in five neighbourhoods in May 2005. By the end of March 2006, four of the five Local Police Areas in Thames Valley had implemented neighbourhood policing, with over 70 neighbourhoods now in operation.

Activities in the past year include:

  • The Roads Policing department dealt with 118 fatal and 6,166 injury collisions, attended 23 per cent of the Force's immediate incidents and were responsible for 6,901 arrests (10 per cent of the Force’s arrests).
  • Roads Policing officers focused on reducing road casualties and dealt with 6,553 motorists who were using mobile phones and 15,876 motorists who were not wearing a seatbelt, both of which are the biggest contributions to road traffic collisions.
  • 35 dog handlers attended 10 per cent, or 10,606, of the Force's immediate incidents including drug searches, firearms commitments, football matches and having one dog handler present whenever Tony Blair is at Chequers.
  • Firearms officers dealt with 427 incidents requiring an armed response.
  • The Mounted Section carried out a total of 10,743 operational hours across Thames Valley.
  • The Chiltern Air Support Unit carried out 2,604 commitments and was responsible for 221 direct arrests and 222 assisted arrests.
  • The Specialist Search and Recovery Team carried out 330 operations which required specialist diving equipment.
  • The Counter Terrorist Wing carried out 466 commitments, was involved in numerous visits to Thames Valley Police from Royalty and VIPs, and planned the search response for major events including Royal Ascot.
  • They also gave presentations to commerce and industry on the terrorist threat and business’s response to it, search response training to all new Police Officers and Community Support Officers, and refresher training to search trained officers.


Picture of people at Reading festival

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