iTunes 7

iTunes 7 was announced today, which means more ipod-sharp breakage. It doesn’t look like anything really changed except the database version, so I’ve bumped that and released 0.6.1. The music sharing stuff in iTunes hasn’t changed for ages, so Tangerine still works fine.

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  2. Rhys Says:

    The music sharing in iTunes 7.0 has actually changed. Although slight, it’s impact is effective. I’ll explain why it hasn’t impacted Tangerine however.

    iTunes sharing works on the client-server model. One side, sends a connect request & if it checks out the other side responds with data (music etc). If you both connect to each other’s iTunes, you will be both a client, and a server in the other direction.

    The Client-DAAP-Validation header is the primary way an iTunes server checks to see if the current client attempt looks like legitimate Apple software.

    In previous versions it was a combination of MD5 hashes of static text, along with the dynamic DAAP request and an ID.

    Analysing packet samples shows the Client-DAAP-Validation header used to connect to an iTunes 7.0 host has changed. This is being worked on, and hopefully a new open specification will be out soon.

    Tangerine is unaffected, as it is only the server component, and the iTunes client curiously still does not make any substantial checks to see if a validation-esque string is returned correctly from the DAAP server.

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