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Celebrating some of the many writers ARWA has given a helping hand!
Picture Author's Name and Information
Sandy Bexon

Sandy Bexon is a journalist who has written numerous articles for such publications as the Calgary Herald, Readers Digest, Canadian Family, Real Travel and Alberta Business.

She loves to write longer books, as well, and her full-length manuscripts include:

  • "Bowmanville Training School—through the years" which was produced for the Bowmanville Museum in 2000.
  • "Family: An Open Adoption Adventure", published in partnership with Adoption Options in 1999.
  • "Born Inside Out", a play created in partnership with Alberta Agriculture and produced by Stage Hanna during Agriculture Week in 1993.
  • "Hill Fairy", her children’s book which was short listed for the Alberta Writing for Youth Competition in 1993.

C. J. Carmichael

Visit C.J.'s website at:

Judith Duncan

Judith Duncan's first Harlequin SuperRomance, Tender Rhapsody, was published in 1983. Her ninth novel, A Risk Worth Taking, was released by Silhouette Intimate Moments in September of 1991, and she continues to publish under that imprint. She has been a repeat finalist in the Romance Writers of America's Golden Medallion and RITA awards, and several of her novels have been elected as Reviewer's Choice by Romantic Times. Two of her novels also made the RT top 200 hundred list complied over the past 20 years, and she was presented with a Career Achievement Award by Romantic Times for the most innovative romances.

She has lectured extensively at workshops for Alberta's Department of Culture and numerous writers' associations, both in Canada and the US. In addition to being a guest speaker at several RWA chapters, she has lectured at several colleges and universities in western Canada, and has also instructed numerous writing courses. Prior to her move to Silhouette, she received a ministerial appointment to the Writers and Publishers Advisory Committee for Alberta's Minister of Culture and served a three-year term. She has served as regional vice- president for the Canadian Authors' Association and as president of the Alberta Romance Writers' Association, an organization she helped found.

Some of her titles are:

  • Ranchin' Dads: All that Matters
  • 1993 To Mother with Love Anthology: A Special Request

Super Romance:
    #51 - Tender Rhapsody
    #77 - Hold Back the Dawn
    #114 - Reach the Splendor
    #143 - When Morning Comes

Intimate Moments:

    #400 - A Risk Worth Taking
    #421 - Better Than Before
    #536 - Beyond All Reason
    #577 - That Same Old Feeling
    #651 - The Return of Eden McCall
    #704 - Driven to Distraction
    #946 - Murphy's Child
    #975 - Marriage of Agreement
    #1072 - If Wishes Were Horses...
    #1114 - The Renegade and the Heiress

Mahrie E. Glab

Mahrie E. Glab currently works as a freelance writer selling non-fiction articles on a regular basis to weekly publications. She is also an instructor/facilitator for creative and craft writing courses and is alternating work sessions on her second and third mystery novels.

Her training and public speaking experiences include the following:

  • She designed and taught a general novel writing course, a creative-writing workshop, and an awakening-your-talent workshop for Powerhouse, Pembina Consortium in Drayton Valley.
  • She also designed and taught a mystery writing course at Metro Community College in Edmonton and will be teaching a one day, writer’s tool-kit workshop in the spring of 2005.
  • She facilitated and instructed workshops for international writing conferences* as well as writers and editors groups throughout the province, teaching creative-writing, writing-craft, and motivation/goal setting topics.
    • *ARWA Romance Writers’ Conferences
    • *Victoria Romance Writers’ Conference
    • *1999 University of Calgary, Journalism Conference
  • She also designs and teaches various business-skill workshops including workshop presentation, delegating, and effective writing.

Mahrie enjoys keeping in touch with other writers and is a member of the following groups:

  • Alberta Romance Writers Association, Calgary (Past President and former Charter Member).
  • Mystery Writers Ink, Calgary.
  • Chicks with Pencils, an online writers’ support group.

Yvonne Jeffery

When Yvonne became a charter member of ARWA in 1988, she didn’t expect her first published book to be about home repair. However, in 2004, The Everything Fix-It Book was indeed released. Despite the wide chasm between romance and repair, Yvonne credits ARWA for the teaching and inspiration it offered her as she built a career as a freelance writer and editor.

Yvonne has written more than 500 articles about homes, lifestyle and travel, which have appeared in newspapers, magazines and books around the world – including National Geographic Traveler, Mountain Living and CanWest newspapers. Her editing experience includes women’s fiction, general interest magazines and literary travel manuscripts. As for her own fiction, it’s enjoying a creative hiatus while she meets her non-fiction deadlines.

Jennifer Lynn

Always a storyteller, Jennifer Lynn grew up on the west coast of British Columbia. Writing was in her blood, sustaining her through nursing school, a failed marriage and single parenthood. Living as a single parent, she often lost herself in juicy romance novels: ”Really...there had to be a happy ending for someone, right?”

After reading a few, she decided to pull herself together and create her own happy endings, and now four novels later, she’s currently working on her fifth.

These days she calls Calgary home, where she lives with her teenaged daughter, Tiffany, and two cats (Dipstick and Muffin). When asked if she’s looking for another happy ending, her response is: “Always. Tag along, and we can keep each other company along the way!!”

Her titles include:

  • Hoodwinked
  • Rebel Road
  • New Prints in Old Calico
  • Melting Ms McCool
  • Harper's Treasure (coming April 2005 from new publisher Champagne Books)

"Lordy, a nerd shouldn't look that good!" Harper's Treasure, April 2005

Visit Jennifer's website at:

To check out Champagne books:

Christine Michels

Visit Christine's website at:

Christine Michels finds nothing more heart-warming than the triumphant conclusion to a turbulent fairy-tale romance; little more fascinating than the endless potential presented by a star-studded sky; and few things more enthralling than a gripping mystery or suspenseful intrigue. Which, when translated, means that she is a chronic daydreamer with a vivid imagination. With those compelling interests, what career could possibly be more suitable than that of a writer?

Since the publication of her debut novel in 1990, Christine has spoken at schools, regional workshops and conferences, and has been a guest speaker at numerous gatherings of special interest groups. She is the award-winning author of nine novels in three sub-genres of romance: Futuristic (or Science Fiction/Fantasy), Historical, and Contemporary.

Her titles include:

  • To Share A Sunset (Co-Authored as Sharice Kendy)
    • Futuristic
  • Ascent to the Stars
    • Futuristic
  • Danger’s Kiss
    • Contemporary Suspense
    • Heart of Romance Award Winner - Best Single Title Contemporary in 1995
  • In Fugitive Arms
    • Futuristic
    • Heart of Romance Reader’s Choice Award Finalist in 1996
  • In Destiny’s Arms
    • Futuristic
  • Beneath A Crimson Moon
    • Futuristic
    • Romantic Times Best Poster Award in 1998
  • Beyond Betrayal
    • Historical
    • Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence Finalist in 1999
    • Heart of Romance Reader’s Choice Award Finalist in 1999
  • A Season of Miracles
    • Contemporary Suspense
    • Heart of Romance Reader’s Choice Award - 2nd place in 1999
  • Undercover with the Enemy
    • Contemporary Suspense
Billie Milholland

Life History

Born and raised in small town northeastern Alberta. Spent some time as a writer, a farmer, a hippy, a weaver, a lamp installer, a tarot card reader, a writer, a visual artist, a writer, a gardener, a life-skills instructor to the mentally disabled, a photographer, a potter, a writer, a chef, an events coordinator, a wild crafter, a herbalist, a writer, a berry picker, a historian, a writer, an educational assistant, a student, a poet, a writer, a writer and what not. Has some experience as a wife, a mother and a grandmother.

Publishing History - Fiction

  • C.B.C. Radio – Short fiction for Anthology program - "Message for Max", "Paraska’s Easter", "Tea With Metro", "Oscar’s Theme"
  • St. Anthony Messenger Magazine "Reveillon" (French Pioneer Christmas Story)
  • Western People (Insert to Western Producer) Regular contributor of agricultural, and human-interest based articles & photographs, as well as short fiction. "Message for Max" (Christmas Story featuring bush pilot Max Ward), "Paraska’s Easter" (A Ukrainian Pioneer Easter Story), "Tea With Metro" (A Ukrainian Pioneer story)
  • Edmonton Sun "Just In Time" - 10,000 word prairie time travel novella, plus illustrations for the five-part series.
  • Chickadee Magazine "One Size Fits Al" (short fiction in both the English and French version)
Publishing History - Non-Fiction
  • Harrowsmith Magazine – regular contributor - Feature Articles on environmental issues, gardening, rural living, etc.
  • Vernon this Week (Weekly newspaper – B. C.) Weekly organic gardening column geared to urban gardeners in the Okanogan Valley.
  • Lakeland Review and St. Paul Journal (Weekly newspapers - Alberta) Weekly political cartoons, general reporting of arts, human interest stories, environmental issues and seasonal short fiction.
  • The 1992 Bicentennial Project "The Great Pumpkin Cookbook" (84 page pumpkin trivia and cookbook), "Rendezvous West" (Historical publication including articles on wild food and medicine), "Frontier Times" (Historical publication concerning life during the 18th Century fur trading era in western Canada).
  • Fort George/Buckingham House Interpretive Centre "Medicinal Herbs of the Prairies" - Herbal workshop and workbook for Native Women’s Spiritual Retreat.
  • White Buffalo Books "Paraska’s Easter" & "Frontier Times" (special publication for use in a literacy program).
  • Lakeland College "Festivals & Special Events" and "Cultural Tourism" (full credit courses for Tourism Certificate Program).
  • Over the Edge Publications "They Came" (featuring 110 prairie women).
  • North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance "The North Saskatchewan River Guide" (Historical, biological, geological and ecological introduction to the North Saskatchewan Watershed. This publication spent 12 weeks on the best-seller list for non-fiction in the Edmonton Journal and continues to sell well.) "The Background Study of the North Saskatchewan River" (Work in Progress - a 75,000 word publication exploring cultural, natural and recreational values along the North Saskatchewan River).

Grace P. Panko & Darlene Beaton-Harris

Both wrote as Kristal Ryan for Kismet:

    #152 - Persistence Pays

Darlene Beaton-Harris has also written as Donna Dakotah.

Sharon Wildwind

Sharon Wildwind is a Calgary, Alberta author. Originally from Louisiana, she's been in Canada for almost twenty-five years. Taking the advice "write what you know" to heart, she decided to combine a couple of things—protagonists who are nurses, and the fact she’s lived in a couple of interesting places—and use these as a writing advantage.

Her Elizabeth Pepperhawk/Avivah Rosen series has three Vietnam veteran protagonists, one of whom is a nurse. For these veterans, adjusting to civilian life is murder. The first book in the series has been published and the second is currently with her agent.

Her Meg Porter/Dan McLaughlin romance-mystery series is, so far, unsold but she's still out there pitching it. Dan McLaughlin is the kind of Mountie you don't want to be involved with, unless you have a lot of stamina. Meg Porter thinks she does. Together they're trying to keep each other, and the hamlet of Whiskeyjack, Alberta, alive.

Sharon also is a non-fiction writer and journal keeper. She teaches memoir-writing workshops, and is also a facilitator for Story Circle Network's Older Women's Legacy Project.

Published Fiction:

  • Some Welcome Home
    (ISBN: 1-59414-275-0) Five Star Press
    Captain Elizabeth Pepperhawk survived Vietnam, but will she survive Fort Bragg? Whoever dressed a dead body in a World War II uniform, and put it in her bed at Normandy House, wants to shorten not only her military career, but her life.

Published Non-Fiction:

  • Dreams That Blister Sleep: A Nurse in Vietnam
    (ISBN: 1-895836-70-0) River Books, Edmonton, Alberta
    Based on the journal Sharon kept, and the photographs she took, during her year as a U.S. Army nurse in Vietnam.

Jude Wilner

Jude Wilner has been writing since the 1980s when she tackled her first romance novel. Every spring she would send a manuscript into Harlequin and every summer they would send it back with a kind letter telling her all the things she was doing wrong and what few things she was doing right. After several years of writing on her own, a chance phone call hooked her up with the Alberta Romance Writers Association who invited her to join their tiny group. Over the following two years, with much help, she subsequently learned her necessary lessons and finally saw her work published.

Her titles include:

  • Just One of the Guys (Silhouette Books)
    • Winner, Romantic Times - Reviewers Choice, First Series Romance
    • Nomination, Romantic Times – Best Silhouette Romance
  • Northern Manhunt (Silhouette Books)
  • A Miracle for Bryan (Silhouette Books)
    • Walden Books Best Seller List – Romance Series
  • Back in My Heart (Kensington Publishing)

Most recently, she won first place in her category at the 2004 Royal Rendezvous Romance Writers of America conference in Victoria, BC for her time travel novel set in Elizabethan England.

If you are a current member of ARWA and would like to celebrate your accomplishments here, please contact us at!