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 The Queen's Bays
(2nd Dragoon Guards)
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by A. Melville-Brown
United Kingdom 
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1685.06.20 Earl of Peterborough's Regiment of Horse
formed by regimentation of four existing troops (Sir John Talbot's Troop at Hounslow, John Lloyd's Troop at Edgware, Sir Michael Wentworth's Troop in Yorkshire, and Lord Aylesbury's Troop in London); ranked as 3rd Horse; also known until 1751 by the names of other colonels
1715 The Princess of Wales's Own Regiment of Horse
(named for the future Queen Caroline)
1727 The Queen's Own Regiment of Horse
(redesignated when the Princess of Wales became Queen)
1746.12.25 The Queen's Regiment of Dragoon Guards
ranked as 2nd Dragoon Guards
1751.07.01 2nd (The Queen's) Regiment of Dragoon Guards
1767 2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays)
1921.01.01 The Queen's Bays (2nd Dragoon Guards)
1936 mechanised
1939.04 transferred to Royal Armoured Corps
1959.01.01 amalgamated with 1st King's Dragoon Guards, to form 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards
pip Deployment and Service
pip The Dragoon Guards, by Chris Baker (The British Army in the Great War)
pip British Cavalry Regiments, by Brad Chappell (The Regimental Warpath 1914-1918)
RHQ and Depot:
  Home HQ: [none]
  Recruiting Area: [none]
Warburg, Willems, Lucknow, South Africa 1901-02

The Great War:  Mons, Le Cateau, Retreat from Mons, Marne 1914, Aisne 1914, Messines 1914, Armenti�res 1914, Ypres 1914 '15, Frezenberg, Bellewaarde, Somme 1916 '18, Flers-Courcelette, Arras 1917, Scarpe 1917, Cambrai 1917 '18, St. Quentin, Bapaume 1918, Rosi�res, Amiens, Albert 1918, Hindenburg Line, St. Quentin Canal, Beaurevoir, Pursuit to Mons, France and Flanders 1914-18

The Second World War:  Somme 1940, Withdrawal to Seine, North-West Europe 1940, Msus, Gazala, Bir el Aslagh, Cauldron, Knightsbridge, Via Balbia, Mersa Matruh, El Alamein, Tebaga Gap, El Hamma, El Kourzia, Djebel Kournine, Tunis, Creteville Pass, North Africa 1941-43, Coriano, Carpineta, Lamone Crossing, Defence of Lamone Bridgehead, Rimini Line, Ceriano Ridge, Cesena, Argenta Gap, Italy 1944-45

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1930.10.30 HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
1685.06.20 Col. Henry (Mordaunt), 1st Earl of Peterborough, KG [also 2nd Foot; Capt. Gen. Tangier]
1688.12.31 Brig-Gen. Hon. Edward Villiers
1694.01.19 Maj-Gen. Richard Leveson
1699.03.25 Gen. Daniel Harvey
1712.01.01 Col. John Bland
1715.02.09 Col. Thomas (Pitt), 1st Earl of Londonderry
1726.08.26 F.M. John (Campbell), 2nd Duke of Argyll, KG, KT (Earl of Islay, Lord Lorne) [also 4th Tp Horse Gds, R Horse Gds, 3rd Foot, Lorne's Foot(1), Lorne's Foot(2), Argyll's Foot; Gov. Minorca 1712-16; MGO 1725-40]
1733.08.06 Gen. William Evans
1740.05.06 Gen. John (Montagu), 2nd Duke of Montagu, KG, KB
1749.07.24 F.M. Sir John Louis (Ligioner), 1st Earl Ligonier, KB
1753.01.27 Maj-Gen. Hon. William Herbert
1757.04.05 Lt-Gen. George (Germain), 1st Viscount Sackville
1759.09.10 Gen. John (Waldegrave), 3rd Earl Waldegrave
1773.07.15 F.M. George (Townshend), 1st Marquess Townshend
1807.09.18 Lt-Gen. Sir Charles Cregan Craufurd, GCB
1821.04.02 Lt-Gen. William Loftus [also 24th Lt Dgns, 24th [27th] Lt Dgns]
1831.07.20 Gen. Sir James Hay, KCH
1837.02.20 Gen. Sir Thomas Gage Montresor, KCH, KC
1853.06.02 Gen. Hon. Henry Frederick Compton Cavendish
1873.04.06 Gen. Sir Henry Dalrymple White, KCB
1874.08.01 Gen. Alexander Low, CB
1881.12.22 Gen. Sir Charles Pyndar Beauchamp Walker, KCB
1894.01.20 Gen. Sir William Henry Seymour, KCB
1921.06.21 Lt-Gen. Sir Hew Dalrymple Fanshawe, KCB, KCMG
1930.10.30 Lt-Gen. Sir Antony Ernest Wentworth Harman, KCB, DSO
1945.04.21 Brig. James Joseph Kingstone, CBE, DSO, MC
1954.11.01 Col. George William Charles Draffen, DSO [to 1959]

vc Victoria Crosses, by Mike Chapman (VC Reference).
vc VCs in the 1st Queen's Dragoon Guards Regimental Museum, by Iain Stewart.
Motto: Pro rege et patria
Nicknames: The Bays, The Rusty Buckles
Anniversaries: construction sign
Freedoms: construction sign
Marches: quick: Rusty Buckles (Charles Cousins)
slow: The Queen's Bays (arr. of Rusty Buckles)
dismounted march past: The Soldiers' Chorus from Faust (Charles Francois Gounod)
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Miscellaneous Tradition Links:
Canada flag The Governor-General's Horse Guards
Australia flag 7th Light Horse Regiment (Australian Horse) 1928-1943
Australia flag 7th/21st Australian Horse 1951-1956
South Africa flag 1st Special Service Battalion
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monument Regimental Museum 1st The Queens Dragoon Guards, Cardiff (Army Museums Ogilby Trust)
monument Regimental Museum 1st The Queens Dragoon Guards, Cardiff (Simonides listing)
Regimental Journal:
book Regimental journal of The Queen's Bays (2nd Dragoon Guards).
Full Histories:
book Cannon, Richard. Historical record of The Second, or, Queen's Regiment of Dragoon Guards, (Queen's Bays) containing an account of the formation of the regiment in 1685 and of its subsequent services to 1837. London : W. Clowes, 1837. (Historical records of the British Army)
book Whyte, Frederic; Atteridge, A. Hilliard (Andrew Hilliard); Hall, Harold Wesley.. A history of the Queen's Bays (The 2nd Dragoon Guards), 1685-1929. London : Cape, 1930.
book Beddington, William Richard. A history of the Queen's Bays (the 2nd Dragoon Guards) 1929-1945. Winchester : Warren, 1954.
book Belfield, Eversley Michael Gallimore. The Queen's Dragoon Guards. London : Leo Cooper, 1978. (Famous regiments) ISBN: 0850522420
book Mann, Michael. The regimental history of 1st the Queen's Dragoon Guards. Wilby, Norwich : The Dragoon Guards, 1993. ISBN: 085955189X
book A short history of The Queen's Bays from the outbreak of the Second World War, 3rd Septebmer 1939, to the capitulation of the German armies in Italy, 2nd May 1945. Aldershot : Gale & Polden, 1947.
Short Histories:
Special Topics:
book The dress distinctions of the Queen's Bays (2nd Dragoon Guards). Cambridge : Langridge's Military Publications, 1960.