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Breaking News - Networking:

EarthStation5 Launches New File-Sharing Software

Move over Kazaa, there's a new kid on the island! In development for over one year, EarthStation5 announced the release of its new ES5 file sharing software that combines the web's most popular programs and services within one free application.

ES5 provides its users with unparalleled levels of security, privacy protection and reliability thus removing much of the risk associated with using file-sharing services such as Kazaa, Grokster and others when sharing and downloading music, movies, games and software.

Stealth & Cloaking Technology

"Normal P2P networks have high ratios of people who only download -- called leechers. Because people who share files have been the most vulnerable to harassment, ES5 now solves that problem. ES5 is the 'Holy Grail of File Sharing' because it provides anonymity for people sharing and downloading files," said EarthStation5 President, Ras Kabir. "Users no longer have to be concerned about what they are sharing, or with whom they are sharing because there is complete anonymity," he added.

ES5 uses SSL Encryption (Secure Socket Layer) to prevent 3rd parties from monitoring users' file sharing activity and provides users with IP address anonymity through the use of proxy servers. ES5 is the only P2P program that integrates seamlessly with PGPDisk (a free security program) that lets users fully encrypt the contents of their "Shared Media Folder" so no one other than the user can view the contents of their files, such as a spouse, parent, child, employer, school administrator, or IT department.

In addition, ES5 dynamic, random ports and encrypted UDP search protocol ensures that no one, including the users' ISP, can block or throttle a user's ES5 file sharing activities or even know the person is using ES5. All file sharing activities look like normal web browsing.

Planets, Suns, Stars and Galaxies

The ES5 network is laid out on a paradigm of planets, suns, stars and galaxies. User planets have no hard links to the network, but float in a galaxy, a virtual, distributed super-base of file information. To find a resource, you explore instead of searching.

ES5 also adds many new features such as password protection and the ability to preview a download. Additionally, it supports all types of files -- not just music and video -- and has integrated media management to organize and play music and video files easily.

"You can get lost in ES5 and not come up for days," said one ES5's beta testers, "I'm really wired into it. I've got two movies coming in while I'm watching a third and downloading music at the same time. The movie audio is playing in one ear, and I'm sampling songs in the other."

ES5 automatically removes "missing" files from returning search results so only files that are readily available are shown. ES5 has incorporated all the advanced P2P file sharing technologies found in other clients including auto- resume downloads, metadata support, previewing and more.

ES5 child protection features include filters to deny access to adult material in addition to segregating ES5's network into adult and non-adult planets so that when activated, it prohibits any images or movies from view on non-adult ES5 systems.

ES5 also provides users with a built-in web server with integrated Dynamic DNS support so individuals can run websites from home-based locations without paying hosting fees. At the host's discretion, website key words can be included in the ES5 search.

No Spyware, No Adware

ES5 does not contain pop-up ads or 3rd party software commonly referred to as "spyware" that is popular in Kazaa and other file-sharing programs.

Integrated Free Popular Web Services

To attract a large user base quickly, ES5 has integrated the web's most popular services yet, charges no usage fees. Its free dating service allows users to meet other "Life Forms" with similar appetites and "download" them into their own life.

Its innovative free text/audio/video chat system is the Web's coolest allowing up to 7 users to chat in the same room with full audio and video capabilities so users can actually see each other in real time.

Safe-Haven Operations

Similar to Kazaa's parent, file-sharing developer Sharman Networks, EarthStation5 is incorporated on the South Pacific Island of Vanuatu and in Palestine. To avoid the potential for litigation that has dogged the makers of Kazaa, and Grokster and wiped out companies such as Napster, AudioGalaxy and Scour, EarthStation5 has its offices and its infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza City, where it is not illegal to develop and distribute peer-to- peer file-sharing technology.

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