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21st Century Literacies Homepage

21st Century Literacies refer to the skills needed to flourish in today's society and in the future. Today discrete disciplines have emerged around information, media, multicultural, and visual literacies. It is the combination of literacies that can better help K-12 students and adult learners address and solve the issues that confront them.

On this site, we focus on four 21st century literacies - information, media, multicultural, and visual. We have found resources, both bibliographic and web-based, to assist you in your quest to learn and/or teach literacy skills. Our team of literacy experts developed lessons to aid in your ability to incorporate 21st century literacy skills into your teaching techniques. The tools presented here are based on a21st Century Literacies Framework and seek to promote the skills, knowledge and attitudes to help students develop effective lifelong literacy awareness, seeking, management and presentation strategies.  

The 21st Century Literacies Curriculum presents the process and essential skills for embedding information literacy strategies across all areas of the curriculum. The curriculum seeks to promote the skills, knowledge and attitudes to help students develop effective lifelong information awareness, seeking, management and presentation strategies. Information Literacy Standards referenced in each student lesson are from the American Library Association and Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

Which lessons are appropriate for your students? Where do you begin the process? Click on the skills on chart below (or the navigation links below the chart) to access lessons to help your students build specific skills. You can either browse the lessons on this site map, or browse by Grade Level.


link to lessons to build questioning skills link to lessons for identifying information skills link to lessons for evaluating information skills link to sensemaking of information lessons link to reflecting on information lessons link to lessons for using information link to lessons for assessing information

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This page was last updated July 8, 2002
This resource was created orginally for the publication "Managing Information in a Digital Age" by teachers at Seeds University Elementary School, UCLA
For more information, contact Sharon Sutton
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