Military Service
The Exclusive Brethren have been involved in testimony to Government since the early 1930s, including applying for exemption from bearing arms. Exclusive Brethren have served in war-time as medics and other support personnel, helping to save lives on the front lines.
Business Activities
The Exclusive Brethren generally operate family businesses, recognising the responsibility to support their families financially (1 Timothy 5: 8), and to be able to distribute to those in need.
The Holy Bible
The Exclusive Brethren use The New Translation by John Nelson Darby, a more exact translation from the Original Languages. They also respect, and quote from, the Authorised or King James version, widely used in parliaments and the courts.
Who are They?
Exclusive Brethren are believers on the Lord Jesus Christ. They hold the truth of His deity, and accept the authority of Scripture as the inspired word of God.

There are over 40,000 Exclusive Brethren worldwide, who gather on the first day of the week for the Lord's Supper and daily for reading of the Scriptures, and prayer for all who are in authority. Exclusive Brethren are located in over 300 local assemblies in 19 countries located in both northern and southern hemispheres.
Their collective existence began through the labours of John Nelson Darby (1800 - 1882) of County Wicklow, Ireland, who, with others, left the Established Church in 1827 to practice the teachings of Holy Scripture in their original purity. In each generation, up to the present, God has raised up leaders from among the Exclusive Brethren who have faithfully opened up the doctrine and its practice as it applies to their daily walk as Christians in an ungodly world.

The Exclusive Brethren practice separation from evil, recognising this as God's principle of unity. They shun the conduits of evil communications: television, the radio, and the Internet. Their charter is 2 Timothy 2:19 "The Lord knows those that are his; and, Let every one who names the name of the Lord withdraw from iniquity."

As a matter of conscience, their social activities and links are reserved exclusively for those with whom they celebrate the Lord's Supper. This sacred remembrance of the Lord Jesus and His death is the core of their Christian fellowship, and the inspiration to live a life apart from worldly pleasures and pursuits; a precious heritage passed down the generations.

Testimony To Government
Exclusive Brethren believe in Government and are subject to it as outlined by Paul in Romans 13:1. They do not live in countries that do not have a Christian Government. Their approach is non-political. They do not vote , but hold Government in the highest respect as God's ministers , used by Him to restrain evil and provide conditions for the promotion of the glad tidings. Exclusive Brethren hold formal prayer meetings every week and include prayers for the support and guidance of right Government which is clearly of God , and also for divine resistance to the devil's efforts to influence it. Contact with members of parliament or congress is encouraged to express a moral viewpoint of legislation in relation to the rights of God and this ongoing communication is found to be acceptable and productive.

Their mission is to serve God, preach the glad tidings in Gospel Halls and in public, represent Christian conscience to Government and those in authority and to train their families to take their place in the testimony of our Lord.

The fact that the fellowship continues to exist and thrive, strengthened in its universal commitment, without moving away from the fundamental tenets of its origin, is well known to be a tribute, not only to its success, but also its inherent truth. These features live on, in spite of the absence of a hierarchical organisation of the kind which the average religious mind may look for.

A Sociological Appraisal
Read a third-party academic study of the Exclusive Brethren by Bryan R. Wilson of All Souls College, Oxford. Click here to read the document.
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