Hell Tank

Hell Tank is an attempt to recreate a modern online multi-player PC version of Death Tank Zwei, the extremely addictive hidden bonus game that came with the Sega Saturn version of Duke Nukem 3D by Lobotomy, which was, in turn, a clone of the classic Shareware Scorched Earth
The game is currently in its early stages (and has been for a long time, due to a 3 year development hiatus) but already provides an entertaining single player experience (as it includes CPU controlled players to make up the numbers, something lacking from the original!)

Multi player games now work, although currently game rounds don't, so once everyone's dead, that's it - you'll have to quit the game and restart. Also there are currently only two weapons available, the standard basic shot (with infinite ammo), and a limited amount of machine gun ammo.


Helltank supports any DirectX compatible game controller, and allows you to totally configure the button layout, but keyboard can be used too for those without a gamepad.

For multi player games on a single computer, you will need a controller for each player (with one optionally on keyboard)

Default keys

These are the way the keys are configured by default in the current build of the game (most recent demo may differ):
LEFTMove left
RIGHTMove right
UPThrust up (Jumpjets / hover coil)
DOWNThrust down
AAim left
DAim right
WPower up
SPower down
PERIODNext Weapon
COMMAPrevious Weapon
NActivate Shield
MActivate Targetting Computer
F2Configure Display
F3Configure Input
FToggle FPS Display
GToggle Detail
Note if you've previously run an earlier version of HT you may find that some controls are not bound to the keyboard, as the game will load the old settings that didn't include these new controls - to remedy this simply redefine the keys yourself, also not all controls will do anything (such as the targetting computer which isn't implemented)