Hayley and Meav Dates Announced

We are pleased to announce that Hayley & Meav’s alternate dates have now been confirmed.

Meav will open the show in Tampa on February 14th and will continue with the show until Manchester on March 8th.

Hayley will join the show in Boston on March 9th and will continue with the show until Columbus on April 5th.

Meav will be in Indianapolis on April 11th and will then finish touring in Phoenix on May 3rd.

Hayley will join us again in Palm Desert and will stay with the tour until the end.

As a touring production it is very important to us that everyone involved is happy and dedicated to the show. Touring involves being away from home for a very long time. For Meav this just wasn’t possible with a young child & Hayley’s own solo commitments wouldn’t allow for this either. We felt that the best solution would be for them both to alternate.

The show has always been based around 5 girls. This is not changing and we believe that Hayley & Meav alternating will add a new dimension and freshness to the show.