IX Paralympic Winter Games 10-19 March 2006

Passion lives here

Schedule: March 2006 20:30 (GMT+1)



The Olympic mascots
The Olympic mascots
· This star shines with a special light, adding to its originality and rendering it more interesting, its smile and enthusiasm are unmistakable, its name is ASTER, the official mascot of the Torino 2006 IX Paralympic Winter Games. This mascot was created to convey the Paralympic ideals: the determination, passion and courage of the disabled athlete. It was designed by the same hand that created Neve and Gliz, the Torino 2006 Olympic mascots, that of Portuguese designer Pedro Albuquerque. He created the Paralympic mascot subsequent to his winning an international competition launched by the Organising Committee to award the designing of the Olympic mascot.

Following the same creative lines as Neve and Gliz, Albuquerque brought to life a character who would qualify to compete in the same world occupied by the two Olympic mascots.
ASTER was designed to represent the shape, the colour, the structure and the nimbleness of a snow crystal. Her smile is placed at the centre of a six-pointed star which takes on different positions and attitudes according to the variety of Paralympic disciplines in a dynamic, amusing, playful and natural manner, portraying the Olympic Ideals of fair play, loyalty and participation, whilst at the same time underlining Italian-ness and naturally a passion for sports. Accordingly, physical and visual disabilities are expressed in a positive guise, turning the mascot into a many-sided character capable of exploiting her very limitation as a means of practicing sports in an original and highly competitive manner.

Together with the official logo, ASTER represents the main symbol of communication of the Paralympics. She introduces the Paralympic Games as a whole, with particular emphasis on the Torino 2006 edition, taking on aspects and using a language that complies with the Olympic and Paralympic spirit and are particularly appealing to the audience of children and youngsters. The Paralympic mascot will be included in several episodes of the Neve and Gliz cartoon, a joint production developed by TOROC, RAI and “Lanterna Magica” and produced by Lanterna Magica under the direction of Maurizio Nichetti, scheduled to be broadcast by the RAI between October 2005 and February 2006.


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