·First-time U.S. DVD release
·Newly translated English subtitles for all six episodes
·Bonus clips totaling 30 minutes
·24-page color booklet
·All packed in an original deluxe art box imported from Japan

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Disc 1
Episode 1: Shock! Oné-sama and I are Going to be Pilots Together?!
Episode 2: Daring! The Girl Genius Challenger!!
Bonus Clips:
Science Lesson Chapter 1: The theory of Ether Space
Science Lesson Chapter 2: Starbows and the Rip van Winkle Effect
"Good Morning OGH!"
Promotional Trailer (Produced in July, 1988)

*Note on Music Change on Episode 1(Disc 1):
The original producers of “Gunbuster” decided to change less than two minutes of music in the first episode. This change was made by the producers with the full consent of the director and composer.  (Feb 1, 2007)

A.D. 2015: The Luxion fleet, commanded by Noriko Takaya’s father, is annihilated by an assault from Space Monsters while navigating the constellation Cygnus. Six years later, Noriko has become a first-year student at the Okinawa Girls’ Space Pilot High School, training to follow her father’s trail to the stars. Koichiro Ohta, who appears before Noriko as a coach, is in fact a survivor of the Luxion fleet. Noriko tends to feel down because of her difficulty in improving her piloting skills, but regains her strength of willpower through Ohta’s intensive training. One day, Noriko is chosen as a pilot candidate for the Top Squadron with Kazumi Amano, and the two take off for space—without knowing what waits ahead for them…


Disc 2
Episode 3: First Love☆First Sortie
Episode 4: Launch!! The Incomplete Ultimate Weapon!
Bonus Clips:
Science Lesson Chapter 3: Faster-than-light (c-plus) Travel All About Warp
Science Lesson Chapter 4: The Evil Space Monsters
"Cosmic Battle Space"

Noriko and the other crew board the massive space battleship Exelion,and set out for the galaxy.As a tradition done during a space warp, the crew play a game of “dare” to test their courage, and Noriko is forced to go into the pitch-black hangar alone. She meets Smith Toren, a young man there for the same reason, and finds herself gradually attracted to his smile. But then Noriko faces both the dissolution of her team with Kazumi, and an attack from the Space Monsters. Following these shocking events, Noriko goes into her first battle with an unsettled state of mind, and panics, not knowing what to do. All she can rely on is Smith’s voice over the radio as she searches desperately for the enemy in the darkness of space—but then she suddenly loses contact with Smith…

Disc 3
Episode 5: Please!! Time Enough for Love!
Episode 6: At the End of Eternity…
Bonus Clips:
New Science Lesson Chapter 4 + 1: The History of Spaceships
New Science Lesson Final Chapter: The True Solar System
"Sizzler Project"
Promotional Trailer (Produced in 1989)

Although Noriko and Kazumi returned safely from space, due to relativity, ten years had already passed on Earth. They receive their high school diploma a decade late, and Noriko can’t help but feel the loneliness of being left behind from the time she knew. Suddenly, they receive news that billions of Space Monsters are approaching rapidly towards Earth! Kazumi, knowing that her beloved Coach Ohta is sick with space radiation syndrome, feels hopeless, and loses her will to fight. Will she and Noriko be able to join forces and fight in the Gunbuster once more? And what will become of the fate of the Earth?
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