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Near Threatened Criteria nearly met: B1a+b(i,ii,iii,iv,v); B2a+b(i,ii,iii,iv,v)
Erithacus komadori
(Ryukyu Robin)

Erithacus komadori is the most abundant of the endemic birds restricted to the Nansei Shoto archipelago, Japan. Three subspecies are currently recognised: subrufa which occurs on the islands of Ishigaki, Iriomote and Yonaguni (where it is poorly known and may be of doubtful validity); namiyei is endemic to the northern part of Okinawa Island; and komadori which inhabits the southern islands of of Kagoshima and Okinawa. The population is considered to be around 80,000-90,000 individuals. It remains common on Amami-oshima, Toku-noshima and the northern part of Okinawa.
Threats include predation by introduced mongooses (Okinawa) and weasels (Nakanoshima) and habitat loss resulting from commercial logging. It inhabits dense undergrowth in damp areas within riparian broad-leaved evergreen forest and nests in crevices or among the roots of trees. It is a partial migrant and in the winter many birds relocate to the southern islands of the archipelago1. It is considered Vulnerable in the most recent national Red Data Book for Japan.
Population: 80,000-90,000
Habitat: Forest
Threat: Habitat loss/degradation, invasive alien species

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