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What is SchoolNet?
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Experience the excitement of classrooms without walls, information without limits, communication without borders, all through... Canada's SchoolNet

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If you have any additional questions about SchoolNet, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). For more information, please explore the web site, or contact us by:

E-mail: schoolnet@ic.gc.ca
Phone: 1-800-575-9200
Fax: 1-613-941-1296
SchoolNet Home : What is SchoolNet?

 Mandate  -

SchoolNet is a partnership with the provincial and territorial governments, the education community and the private sector, which promotes the effective use of information and communications technologies (ICT) in learning. The SchoolNet partnership connected Canada's schools and public libraries to the Internet on March 30, 1999 - a global first. Delving deeper into this initiative, SchoolNet and its partners extended connectivity from schools to the classrooms. As of May 2000, there were close to half a million connected computers in Canadian schools.

As mentioned in the 2002 Speech from the Throne, the government has invested heavily in providing Canada's schools and libraries with the information technology to connect young Canadians with the best information and knowledge the world has to offer. Further, the government will build on these investments and fuel innovation.

 Mission  -

SchoolNet readies learners for the knowledge-based society. It champions lifelong learning and the creation of world-class educational resources through information and communication technology (ICT) and partnerships.

 Canada’s SchoolNet Evaluation  -

KPMG Consulting LP was hired to evaluate and write a report on Industry Canada’s SchoolNet. The report, which was completed in December 2000, is organized according to the major evaluation issues. So download the PDF file to discover more on the SchoolNet evaluation.

 SchoolNet National Advisory Board  -

Guidance on the development and implementation of SchoolNet is provided by the SchoolNet National Advisory Board (SNAB). SNAB board members are leaders of various educational associations, provincial and territorial Ministries of Education, provincial learning networks, the research community and the volunteer sector.

For more information on SNAB, please visit: www.schoolnet.ca/snab

 Connecting Canadians  -

Canada's SchoolNet is an integral part of Connecting Canadians, the Government of Canada's strategy to keep Canada among the leaders in connecting its citizens to the Internet. In an increasingly competitive and knowledge-based economy, Canada can benefit by becoming a world leader in the development and use of advanced information and communication technologies (ICT).

To find out more on Connecting Canadians or to discover what other federal programs fall under this initiative, visit: www.connect.gc.ca

 Canada Online  -

The Government of Canada is helping connect Canadians to each other - and the world - by establishing up to 10,000 public Internet access sites in rural, remote and urban communities. It has also helped to connect Canada's public schools and libraries to the Internet. Presently, the Government of Canada is aiming towards making Canada's Internet system the fastest in the world.

The Federal Programs listed below will help you with everything from the funding of the creation of Canadian content on the Internet, accessing refurbished computers, developing innovative partnerships and learning new skills for the knowledge economy.

Last Updated: 2005-01-25
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