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<BR><B>ANGELINA JOLIE</B><BR>In New Delhi, India, last week.
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November 15, 2006 -- FOLLOWING Madonna's adoption kerfuffle, Angelina dismissed plans to adopt an Indian baby. She'd al ready made the preparations. While working in India, she'd organized a tutor on set to teach her Hindi. She was already saying "How are you?" and "Thank you" in that language. Presumably now she's going to have to learn to say it in English.

Another Angelina thing. You might've heard nonhusband Brad say no more going naked in movies or even just flashing his butt, considering he's become a father and must show maturity. Mrs. Un-Pitt has now said the same. No more taking it off for the camera. Doesn't want the brood to grow up and see her nude. Sorry, guys.

SPEAKING of disrobing, comes the me- too voice of me-too mom Kate Win slet, who says that taking her clothes off and facing a film crew "makes me feel sick." She is saying she is promising never to do it again. Looks like what legislation and censorship can't regulate, mommyhood will.

WAIT. Now I got more about India. Elizabeth Hurley is getting mar ried. Let us all praise the Lord. He's handsome, rich, all the necessaries. He is Arun Nayar, an Indian. The wedding is in March. The ceremony's to be in her country, England, whereupon the newlyweds will then spend three days partying, picture-taking and being adored by friends and worshipped by whomever. Following that, there is to be a five-day continuing celebration in India. At this stage, guests are getting only a letter. The official invitation follows.

A TONYS slam dunk for Julie White and Ari Gaynor is "The Little Dog Laughed," which opened to big human laughter at the Cort Theatre. About a gay movie star and his male prostitute in a black leather jacket. So who is among the invited guests? Mike Jones in a black leather jacket. Don't know the name Mike Jones? Yeah, you do. He's the sweetie male hooker who just zonked the career of the Rev. Ted Haggard, the overtly Evangelical leader who confessed to sexual immorality. One being Mike Jones, who claims he rented his body to pleasure the Rev. for three years.

"I've never been to a Broadway opening before," this really fine hustler told me. "None. Never. This is my first. It's unbelievable how I happen to be here. I'm in a coffee shop in Denver. The story had just broken. Some guy there understands who I am and runs to the phone. He calls the producer of this show, and they invite me to the opening."

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