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SyncMaster™ XL20
imagine the ultimate professional outlook A masterpiece of dynamic design and profound performance, the XL20 from Samsung delivers digital dreams. Step into the world of superior LED backlight monitors. See truer colors realized in a wider color gamut (114%). Enhance your creativity and professional efficiency. Realize your darkest fantasy. Release your XL20 dreams.
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CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp)
CCFL Backlight offer you image quality below 100% of the NTSC color gamut. LED Backlight, however, go beyond 100%, giving significantly enhanced images.

LED monitor refers to a monitor that uses LED as a backlight instead of fluore-scent lamps. Just as CRT and LCD monitors use RGB as primary colors to realize diverse colors, RGB LED is used in LED monitors to create white and acts as a backlight unit.

Single LED Module (RGB)
LED Configuration (Direct type)
114% Color Gamut
Typical LCD monitor shows only 82% of NTSC color gamut (Even typical CRT monitor covers only 79~82%). Samsung¡¯s new Reference Series LCD Monitors with LED backlight has color gamut of 114%, revealing a previously unseen world of vivid colors.

Adobe RGB Support
- Full support of sRGB space
- Adobe RGB support
- Covers CMYK color space

Adobe RGB

- Ultimate color space favored by professional photographers
- Conventional monitor (both LCD & CRT) only partially support sRGB, which is smaller than Adobe RGB.


Natural Color uses a calibrator to produce a more precise profile. Characteristics of each display device measured through the calibrator can be saved as ICC profile on an OS and device. The saved ICC profile then delivers color that is true to the image by changing to the image¡¯s own color gamut using CMS programs such as Photoshop or viewer program.
XL20 uses a ¡®Huey¡¯ calibrator which is specifically tuned to the XL20¡¯s high performance range. This is because XL20 uses
LED backlight as its light source rather than CCFL, offering optimised viewing and optimised calibration.

CMS (Color Management System)
There are differences in output color among the devices (Printer, Monitor, Scanner Etc) and even each monitor
- CMS means correction & consistency of each device for ICC standard


A detachable hood allows you to appreciate professional image quality. Its high style design makes it more than a tool for eliminating ambient light interference. Plush inner fabric effectively removes reflection

Image Viewer
Preview function before you print out
- Using Monitor & Printer ICC profile
- Print image is affected by printer type, material type of paper and lighting condition
- Image viewer show the preview image

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