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Why did the logo need to be altered and what difference will it make?
The rebranding process is much more than just the introduction of a new logo. The College’s brand as a whole was revisited as part of a wider strategic review that provided us with a strong set of values and a new Mission Statement. Rebranding ensures that these new values are embedded into everything we do as a university. By adopting a strong visual identity, we can ensure we clearly communicate what Goldsmiths is all about: a modern, creative, radical and professional organisation.

How will the rebranding help raise awareness of Goldsmiths outside the College?
Our branding design toolkit attempts to communicate clearly and embody our core values to all our audiences. Our core values are: embracing complexity; respecting the individual; embracing diversity; achieving academic excellence; radical thinking; and creating change, locally and globally. A clear brand that embodies our values will present a strong, united institution to our wider audience.

I’ve heard that the rebranding has cost £1m
This is untrue. The cost of the use of the consultants for the research phase of the rebranding was £87,000. Research covered widespread consultation with staff and students, online questionnaires, and interviews with key stakeholders, analysis and reports.

The cost of phase two, the redesign of the logo including applications for stationery, presentation materials, PowerPoint, website, course booklets, and a range of other materials, is £56,000.

Apart from this, the implementation has been planned to be phased in over a two to three year period, to ensure a cost-effective approach is in place. Departments have been encouraged to run stocks of stationery down to minimise any potential wastage. Materials will therefore be updated as stocks run out, or as publications such as prospectuses, course booklets are updated as part of the routine, annual cycle. The website is continually updated with new imagery and text, on an on-going basis. The current signage has been in place for over five years and is due to be overhauled as part of the College's wider consideration of DDA requirements.

Wouldn’t the money have been better spent elsewhere?
Goldsmiths - as with other universities - operates in an extremely competitive market - not just within the UK, but competing for students and funding on a world-wide basis. As competition has increased, many other UK universities have considered the importance of their brand and their identity, undertaking research similar to ours. A number of our key competitors have already been through such an exercise, which has helped them position themselves successfully in an area that arguably should be occupied by Goldsmiths. The money spent on rebranding was set aside from budgeted amounts laid out in annual plans. As the amount spent was kept to a minimal, it would have had little impact had it been allocated to another project. We anticipate that the rewards of creating a strong visual identity will exceed the initial outlay of funds.

Why couldn’t we have used students to design the logo?
Rebranding was a major project that has taken place over many months, and which has not been undertaken lightly. The project started with the initial scoping, the research, the design, and now the implementation. Students were involved in the project through the Students’ Union who have been part of the project teams. As part of this process, the project team worked hard to ensure every aspect, not just the logo, was ready for launch. Rather than concentrate their efforts on rebranding, it was felt students’ focus should be on their studies and making the most of their time at Goldsmiths.

What is the environmental cost of changing the logo on all our stationery?
We aim to minimise costs, both financial and environmental, by using a phased rollout for rebranding. We anticipate final completion in December 2007. Old stocks of paper and branded stationery will be used up before new stocks are ordered. Recycled papers and cards will be used for the new stationery.

Does this new look mean Goldsmiths plans to separate from the University of London?
No. Our link with the University of London remains strongly in place. Goldsmiths’ new visual identity revealed as part of the rebranding process has no bearing on our status as part of the University of London.

When do I have to change everything by?
The College’s new identity is being rolled out gradually to minimise costs and ensure each stage fully completed before the next is begun. We hope that most areas of the College will reflect the new visual identity by December 2007, but it will take a bit longer than this to rebrand everything. Updates and a timeline will be posted on the online timetable page at

An easy way to immediately adopt the new brand is to make sure you check all your materials (including e-mail signatures) reflects Goldsmiths’ name - it is now known as Goldsmiths, University of London. Apart from on formal, legal documents, you should now drop the word ‘College’ after Goldsmiths.

If you are responsible for overseeing an event held at the College, internal signage templates refelecting the new brand are available on K:\intcomms\standard signs templates.

What about the Goldsmiths crest? Is it now obsolete?
The crest will be used on official communication such as graduation certificates, for ceremonial purposes, and in sealing official documents. The crest should not be used beyond these purposes. Any copies of the crest held locally should be deleted.

Who can I turn to for help in advising me on using the logo?
Speak to one of the project team, who’ll be happy to help with any queries relating to the rebranding process. Contact details for each specialist area are available at


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