Open letter to the PostgreSQL Community

July 25, 2006

In a software market characterized by increasing levels of commoditization and price sensitivity, Pervasive Software is focused on the delivery of high-performance, low-cost solutions to the data infrastructure marketplace.

We have recognized for some time that open-source databases represent a significant catalyst for change in this market. So, a little over a year ago, we launched an initiative around PostgreSQL with the goal of helping accelerate the transition from the traditional, high cost database licensing model to the open-source, high-value model.

What have we learned? While we always knew that PostgreSQL is a solid product with advanced database capabilities and that it has a very real opportunity to shake up the high-end database market, we underestimated the high level of quality support and expertise already available within the PostgreSQL community. In this environment, we found that the opportunity for Pervasive Software to meaningfully increase adoption of PostgreSQL by providing an alternative source for support and services was quite limited. Accordingly, we have made the decision today to substantially curtail our focus on our PostgreSQL initiative.

With that said, we consider ourselves to be huge proponents of PostgreSQL and the activities of the PostgreSQL community. We all stand to benefit from the commoditization trends within the database market.

While we are bringing to an end our present PostgreSQL-related initiatives, we remain a champion of the cause – high-performance, low-cost software solutions.

We will continue to support our current set of PostgreSQL subscribers through our commitment period. We also plan to donate to the community various IP that we have developed during our initiative. We previously donated to the community our source code for DTrace™ probes. In addition, we plan to donate various whitepapers, collateral, and other content we have developed over the past year. We hope the community will find these assets useful.

In closing, we wish the PostgreSQL community all the best. We believe your success will help drive our success.

Go PostgreSQL! We support you and salute you in your efforts to shake up the enterprise database world.

Best regards,
John Farr
President and CEO
Pervasive Software Inc.