About the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW was established in 1822 by a group of leading Sydney citizens concerned with ensuring the continued quality of Australia’s number one production.  Agriculture was fundamental to the growth and development of the Australian economy and was a predominant lifestyle at the time.  The society determined that it would contribute to Australian agriculture through competitions and events.  The society staged its first show in 1823 in Parramatta, and so the legacy was born. 

After a lapse in 1836, the society reformed in 1857 and continued to hold exhibitions at Parramatta until 1868.  Prince Albert Park became the Show’s home from 1869 to 1881 before the move to Moore Park . 

Moore Park became the Show’s home and saw in 116 years.  In 1891 Queen Victoria granted the society permission to use the Royal prefix and so the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW was established. 

In 1998 the RAS moved to the purpose built Sydney Showground at Sydney Olympic Park.  These world class facilities suited the direction the RAS was embarking upon and the Showground provided a backdrop suitable for the diverse needs of the RAS. 

The RAS is a not for profit organisation with a long proud history and a legacy that is ingrained in Australian agricultural heritage.  The RAS is committed to improving agricultural standards and celebrating achievement and excellence in agriculture through competitions, events and education.