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Elimination Delivers Bad Case Of ‘The Blues’


After the tides turned during Week 2 of the competition, changing fortunes led to a uplifting win for the red team at last night’s weigh-in. It was time for the Blues to be introduced to the most heartbreaking element of the competition: the elimination.

“Everyone was going to be scrambling and trying to save their neck,” said Gerard as the negotiations began, soon revealing two possible targets: Kelly and Mel. On one side, Jules, Mel and Damien had become close; on the other side, Kelly, Michael and Gerard had formed a pact. Could the deciding vote belong to newcomer, P’eta?

Feeling vulnerable, Kelly tried to force P’eta’s hand, but the latest addition to the team was determined to leave her decision until the moment of truth. Understandably, Kelly was peeved and fearing the worst: an exit from the competition. “Kelly just doesn’t stack up,” Jules admitted. “I think she’s a master manipulator.” But Kelly had her own ideas about the rival alliance. “Mel has feelings for Michael,” she accused, dropping a bombshell. Did The Biggest Loser have its first ‘love triangle’?

“One of you will leave with your dreams in tatters,” Ajay explained in the elimination room, and soon it looked like the shattered dreams would be Kelly’s. Jules called the strategist’s manipulation ‘destructive’ and when Mel revealed a second vote for Kelly, it was obvious that she agreed. But Kelly still seemed to believe there was a way out as she voted for Mel. She was ‘shaken, not stirred’.

Michael claimed to be avoiding a hung vote when he revealed Damien’s name, but Kelly must have been wondering why her ally hadn’t stuck to the tentative plan. The alliance was self-destructing and the shocks continued. “This person has just been getting under my skin,” Gerard explained as he turned on Michael. Kelly needed Damien’s vote to go to any other member of the team, but it soon became clear that he was about to seal her fate. “I didn’t appreciate the way they manipulated P’eta,” he said of his vote, “and tried to form alliances within the team”.

Kelly had tried to play the game, but she had also been a strong contributor and Michael thanked her for helping the team to some memorable victories. “You showed so much grit and determination,” he said. The irony came when Kelly’s talk of a rival alliance prompted Damien to interrupt her as the largest contestant denied having forged an alliance. Had all the game play been for nothing?

“My boys would like to see my face,” said the emotional mum, determined to continue her personal journey. Regardless of the circumstances, the ousted player handled the disappointment with grace. She certainly left the house with her pride intact.

But for the rest of the contestants, it’s back to the hard slog in the gym, cruel Temptations and backbreaking challenges. Don’t miss the action when teams meet for a true test of endurance tomorrow night as The Biggest Loser continues on Network Ten.