Futakuchi-OnnaTwo-Mouth Woman

Pronunciation:  fuh-tah-kuh-chee-own-nah

Areas Found:  Anywhere

Special Powers:  Extra mouth, hair acts as tendrils

Danger Level:  Harmless

Likes:  Food, eating

Dislikes:  Unappetizing food



Throughout history in many cultures, many people have felt pressured to diet or change their eating habits drastically.  It is no secret that women seem to be the most often targeted for this, and because of it many even today starve themselves and deprive themselves of the foods they would really like.  However, some women who tried to starve themselves were unsuccessful because perhaps their bodies knew better.

Sometimes a woman sprouted a second mouth, at the back of her head, and the mouth embodied all the desire for food this woman had suppressed; her oftentimes long hair would act as tendrils for it to reach out and grab various foods and feed itself, realizing the desires within the woman who had denied herself for whatever reason.  And since the second mouth was supernatural in nature, the woman would reap the benefits of eating without any of the bad side effects of overeating!

Many such women hid the second mouth and were ashamed by it, but most secretly delighted in its presence and its services.  Some even stopped eating entirely from their first mouth in public and instead let their second mouth enjoy itself when they came home.  And of course the second mouth was quite pleased with the free reign it received!

However, this is not to say that all such mouths were so easily controlled.  Some women, who continued to deny themselves, found that their second mouths only became more insistent and would engorge themselves even in public, often terrifying onlookers.  Some found their desires for hunger overwhelming them and would eat as much as possible from both mouths, causing themselves much distress as their minds were constantly on their figures.

There were also other reasons for second mouths to appear, but most of them dealt as well with hidden desires or extreme suppressed feelings.  The second mouth would appear as an outlet for these feelings and as a comfort tool in a way.  Sometimes the mouth would vanish on its own, and sometimes it would stay forever, transforming its owner into a youkai, the two-mouth woman.

Media Appearances

- Manga/TV anime Jigoku Sensei Nube (official site) - In this series a Futakuchi-onna is seen.

- Gekka no Kenshi/Last Blade (various systems) - Akari, a young onmyouji, uses various attacks that involve youkai.  One of them is a special move that summons "a hundred youkai" to parade across the screen in a happy procession, and one of the youkai is Futakuchi-onna.


Once again we see suppressed emotions creating a situation where someone becomes a youkai.  Sometimes they become regular humans again, but I don't think this is common.  Who would want to become a regular human after being a youkai?  Especially with such a gift as Futakuchi-onna!  However, it is recommended that if you are wanting an extra mouth, please don't starve yourself.  You may not grow another mouth and you should always eat healthy anyway!

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